Small Price, Big Value

We all love places like Five Below and the Dollar Tree because we know we can get what we want for an affordable price. There’s no worry of overspending or of making too big a dent in our bank accounts. We can get what we need and move on without stress. However, that’s just the thing. Places like that are where we shop mostly for necessities, or maybe small gifts or toys from time-to-time.

KARIS Natural Thai Black Spinel Solitaire Pendant in Platinum Bond

When we think of shopping for things that could be considered nicer or higher end, such as well-made jewelry and home décor items, we expect higher prices. It just comes with the territory. I mean, who’s ever heard of selling real gemstones for under $10?

Friday Funday

Well, that’s just what Shop LC is doing. Our name is Shop LOW COST, after all!

Set Of 2 Multi Color Hand Painted Floral Ceramic Soap Dispenser

“Being vertically integrated has its advantages,” shares Amit Agarwal, President of Shop LC. “Nearly 65% of our products are produced in our own factories. Most retailers can’t compete because of traditional mark-ups in the supply chain.”

As the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announces an increase of 5.4% in consumer pricing, Shop LC is bringing even more great deal to Fridays. Despite the rising costs of labor and raw material Shop LC is keeping prices low.

Purple Tie , Cufflinks and Pocket Square Set

“Fridays are our Fundays,” says Cindy Chen Derkacz, VP of Merchandising. “Our merchants spend a lot of time designing a wide variety of affordable product. Fridays are fast paced with hosts presenting new selections every 10 minutes. Most viewers are sure to find something they love for under $10.”

Every Friday, we have our Under $10 Sale. Hundreds of items in our store sell for, yes, you read that right, under $10.  I’m talking about rings, watches, necklaces, pendants; all the jewelry you can think of. But it’s not just jewelry. Bags, gadgets, and items to decorate your home. Almost, anything you can think of; you can get it for under $10.

Hoop Earrings in Vermeil Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver

We want to give you the same feeling that Five Below and the Dollar Tree give you; that you can get whatever you need without breaking the bank. Shop to your heart’s content without stress!

There are no hidden fees and no catches with this sale. It almost seems too good to be true, we know. But this is the real thing, a deal we’re very happy to bring you. You’ll be able to get the gorgeous jewelry you’ve had your eye on for an affordable price. You just need to get to our website on Friday and save!

Start shopping for products under $10.
Or, tune in and catch us live!

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