With Independence Day coming up, many are struggling to find their perfect patriotic outfits. Whether you go all out, or add a little red, white and blue, here are five ways get festive with your outfits this July 4th!

American Flag EVERYTHING

Independence Day fashion is all about the American flag. It could be a top, it could be a bandana, it could even be your backpack! If you rock “Old Glory,” make sure everything else is plain. This draws attention to the Stars and Stripes without being overwhelming.

American flag women's cover up.

Red, White, and Blue Jewelry

Go for inexpensive accessories. Since they are so inexpensive, you can party the night away without fearing that you will lose them.

Choose red, white, and blue to easily go with the July 4th theme. Choose star accessories for extra impact! If you have piercings, look into star earrings. Not only are they a cute accessory, they’re also good for the everyday life too. The fun thing about jewelry is that you can go all out and everyone will love it.

Patriotic Makeup

As cobalt eyeshadow and white eyeliners are trending, snagging these are easier ways to experiment with bold makeup looks. If you are feeling classic, go for a bold red lip. If you are feeling adventurous, use a blue eyeliner! Either way, playing with makeup and the red, white, and blue combo is another easy way for you to get into the patriotic spirit.

Closeup of American flag painted lips.

Stripes and Color Blocking

You probably have a few patriotic items in your closet already! It’s simple to find patriotic colors to incorporate into a super cute yet casual outfit. Choose solid-colored outfits to look extra classy. You could even incorporate some red or blue stripes to evoke the American spirit without being too bold. Long story short, stripes and color blocking are an easy and stylish way to get into the patriotic spirit.


There is nothing more American than denim fabric. If you are spending July 4th indoors, a denim jacket is a stylish outerwear for you. Plus, everyone has a pair of blue jeans. This makes this a no-brainer way to celebrate American Independence Day.

Woman sitting down with denim jacket and a red hat.

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