Expressions of faith leave us with a powerful feeling. These affirmations help empower and motivate us to greater heights. Inspirational jewelry is a great way to carry a gentle reminder of how faith can guide us through difficult times. Shop LC is proud of its diverse workforce, representing many cultures and faith. Reflecting these values, Shop LC now offers a stunning collection of religious jewelry. Perfect for those special times in our lives, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

1kK yellow gold plated wish ring.


And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13, New International Version

When it comes to Christian jewelry, there are many choices! Some of the most popular inspirational jewelry expresses the notions of faith, hope, and love from First Corinthians.

Silver faith ring with diamond accents.

1 Corinthians 13 helps define love in Christianity and explain how Christians should love others. This powerful passage is maybe the most well-known in the book, if not the most popular.

Even for non-Christians, these words from Paul the Apostle can carry weight and inspire!

Sterling silver men's cross ring.

Shop LC has Christian jewelry for men and for women. Many men preferring wearing rings, and there are several options for guys. Our favorite is this minimalistic men’s band ring. The sterling silver band is clad in precious platinum. Open space displays the Holy Cross. Perfect for any man wishing to express his faith, this ring is wearable for any occasion.

Christian jewelry gold fish bracelet.

A common symbol for early Christians, the fish remains a potent symbol for followers of Christ. Also known as ichthus, the fish symbol references the miracle of the loaves and fishes. For many, ichthus is the sign of a witnessing Christian – one actively sharing the ‘good news’ of Jesus Christ.

Sterling silver cross pendant.

No discussion of Christian jewelry can end without talking about cross jewelry! Crosses might just be the quintessential choice. Do you agree? Cross jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from simple gold crosses to sparking birthstone cross jewelry. Wearing the symbol of the Holy Cross is a universal way of celebrating one’s proud Christian faith.


Today, the Star of David is a universal symbol of Judaism. Formed from two over-lapping triangles, it forms a six-pointed star. The Star is also known as Magen David, or the “Shield of David.”

Gold Jewish jewelry Star of David charm.

The Star of David wasn’t originally only a Jewish symbol. It was once considered a magical symbol. However, over the centuries, it gradually grew in popularity with Jewish communities. By the nineteenth century, the Star of David was established as a primarily Jewish symbol.

Jewish religious jewelry frequently features the Shield of David as a recuring motif. Whether in sterling silver, or as gold Jewish jewelry, our craftspeople exquisitely design and create these masterpieces that you will be proud to wear.


You’ve likely seen this open hand symbol before. Known as hamsa, it depicts an open right hand. This ancient talisman traces its roots to Mesopotamia. Popular in the Middle East and parts of Northern Africa, the word likely originates from Arabic. Khamsah is the Arabic word for “five,” but can also mean “the five fingers of the hand.”

Sterling silver hamsa pendant inspirational jewelry.

Believers recognize hamsa as a sign of divine protection and of defense against the evil eye. Also representing blessings, power, and strength, several interpretations have evolved over the centuries.

Depictions with fingers spread apart are meant to ward off evil. When the fingers are pressed together, it means good luck. When the fingers point up, it is said to ward away evil. With fingers pointing down, hamsa carries blessings.

Gold vermeil hamsa charm.

Hamsa in inspirational jewelry is often found in gold and silver. In particular, sterling silver is a popular choice, as the metal is linked to purity, and ancient tales bestow it with magical properties.



The Tree of Life refers to a large tree with multiple branches, fruits and deep roots. The flourishing tree typically represents continuous growth, expansion, immortality, regeneration, wisdom and stability. The Tree of Life is directly associated with the concepts of evolution, strength and results.

14K rose gold plated Tree of Life pendant.


The trinity knot is one of the oldest known Celtic designs. It is also one of the most popular! The trinity knot most often represents the Holy Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Celtic knots were also very popular for its decorative appeal as well, and there are endless examples of it appearing in artwork, manuscripts, and religious jewelry.

Sterling silver Celtic knot pendant with black spinel accents.

Explore the full range of inspirational jewelry at Shop LC.

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