Filled with beauty, a pure soul, empathy and love, women symbolize all the good things of the world. With one aspect of gentleness, the other significant characteristics of women are immense strength, courage and determination to achieve their dreams.

On International Women’s Day, we take the opportunity to salute and acknowledge the achievements of women entrepreneurs who work with Shop LC as jewelry designers, fashion designers and more. Every one of them has made a difference in the world and lives of many with their constant efforts for #BalanceforBetter. Shop LC is proud to be associated with these great women entrepreneurs and in bringing you their inspirational stories.

Alicia Douvall and Georgia Douvall

Douvall’s is one of the leading skincare and makeup range in market today. Created by a mother and daughter duo, Alicia Douvall and Georgia Douvall, the brand focuses on the highest quality, nontoxic products and are made with natural ingredients. The ladies decided to launch the brand when they found that people do not have easy access to the benefits of argan oil, not to mention it would be great to offer skincare products that are natural and friendly. Douvalls’ is significantly inclined towards lot of charity work, women empowerment and environmental sustainability. They particularly work with women cooperatives to help them in providing financial independence, education to their children and making a difference in their lives.

Yve-Car Momperousse

Kreyol Essence is the baby of Yve-Car Momperousse. The brand was born to provide a natural organic hair nourishing oil to people and financially empower the population of Haiti. Yve-Car always knew that whenever her hair needs nourishments and repair from all the styling practices she had tried, her mother’s secret organic oil would work magic. Once, when a beautician burned Yve-Car’s hair while straightening it and she couldn’t find any organic oil in market, she decided to launch it herself for everyone who wanted a nice natural treatment for hair. Her decision to launch Kreyol Essence brand was significantly supported by the necessity of stimulating economic activity in Haiti. When, in 2010, Haiti was drastically devastated due to an earthquake, Yve-Car and her mother decided to launch Kreyol Essence, which gave jobs to people of Haiti and helped them in living a dignified life. The efforts of Yve-Car gives hope to people and empowers women.


Parlo Cosmetics was found in 2012 by Chrissy to satisfy her creative instincts. Starting with a small company that makes mineral foundation for sensitive skin, Parlo turned out to be a major cosmetic brand, selling its products nationwide, finding appeal with high quality and affordable prices. A dotting mother and loving wife has found her way and took some time for herself. Shuttling between the world of homemaking and a professional life, Chrissy has become a successful entrepreneur.


Hair Flash Color is a hair coloring brand launched by Sylvie. In her products, Sylvie ensures that every woman gets premium hair care with nontoxic and antioxidant hair color. Using organic ingredients and minerals, she came up with the easiest way to color hair. Understanding the needs of every urban woman, she introduced hair color in spray form to save time and eliminate the mess of traditional at home coloring. Today, Hair Flash Color has become one of the most popular products nationwide.

Jessica Arman

My Magic Mud has revolutionized the market of oral hygiene products. Founded by Jessica and Justin Arman in 2013, My Magic Mud is something that simply evolved out of Jessica’s kitchen. To treat her daughters overly sensitive teeth, Jessica used to prepare a powder with different natural and organic ingredients. As a before and after photograph of her daughter’s teeth went viral on social media, Jessica started getting requests from her friends for the oral powder to clean teeth. Gradually going from making 10 jars to 100 jars a month, the business of My Magic Mud flourished in no time. Today, the company owns a huge office in New Braunfels and is entirely run by family members.


These inspirational stories of amazing women motivate each one of us and toughens our resolve towards our own goals. Shop LC honors their achievements and journey of life. Tell us about the women who inspire you in the comments below!

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