Emerald continues to be one of the most coveted gemstones in the world. Most recently, emerald is resurging on the red carpet. Shop LC is proud to present Brazilian emerald, one of the finest emerald grades we’ve ever offered. But, what makes this premium emerald so desirable?


What is Brazilian Emerald?


Much like AAA tanzanite, premium Brazilian emerald represents a top grade among this gem. Known for its vibrant greens, this emerald is two grades above the standard emerald offerings from Shop LC. A high concentration of chromium, magnesium, iron, and sodium is required for the best green hues to develop. These jewels also possess fewer inclusions than our standard material, meaning a superior clarity that’s readily apparent.

From our Brazilian source, only five-percent of emerald is of high enough quality to be considered premium. From this rough, only three to five-percent of material becomes finished gemstone material.

  • Known for its vibrant green color from deep saturation of trace elements.
  • Fewer and less noticeable inclusions when compared to standard emerald.
  • Stones range in size from one carat or less.
  • Undergoes traditional oiling treatment common to most emeralds.


Grading Premium Brazilian Emerald Gemstones

There are many systems for grading emerald. Premium emerald can be considered two grades higher than the emeralds you typically find at Shop LC. Our gem experts sort emeralds into several grades, outlined below.

  • Standard Emerald: The first grade is what you find in most Colombian emerald and Zambian emerald jewelry from Shop LC. Readily affordable, it’s what our customers have come to know and love. Some of these emeralds are of sufficient quality to be considered grade two.
  • Premium Brazilian Emerald: These stones are two grades higher than our standard emerald gemstones. Only a limited amount of rough will ever be considered premium. It stands out due to superior color and clarity.
  • Certified Emerald: Among the finest jewels you’ll find at Shop LC are IGI Certified Gemstones. Each stone has been appraised for quality and includes a certificate of authenticity.


Sourcing Premium Emerald from Brazil

Stacked Brazilian emerald rings.

Our deep roots within the industry provide the opportunity to showcase gemstones from across the globe. Our initial offering of premium emeralds come from Santa Terezinha de Goiás, Brazil. Here, miners dig over 300-feet to secure these precious stones.

The Santa Terezinha de Goiás Mines was highly productive from the 1970s through the 1990s and quickly grew in renown for their excellent emerald material. However, for the last ten years, the production has been disappointingly low. Recently, a new block with much promise was found! This limited production is the current source of premium emerald.

Many sellers retail precious emerald gemstones. However, finding high-quality material at a competitive price is a challenge, and one Shop LC regularly meets. Our month’s long search for affordable and exceptional emerald gems lead us to Mr. Amit Sokhia.

Already in his 60’s, Mr. Sokhia still moves with vigor, and his eyes shine with a sparkle that reflects his passion for colored stones. For over 45 years, his family has been trading precious jewels. These days, his two sons and a business partner are moving his legacy forward.

The Sokhia’s work directly with Brazilian mines, making trips once a year to examine and purchase rough material and finished gemstones. Unfortunately, not every trip results in an amazing find, and many times the family must walk away disappointed.

While any emerald of suitable quality can be considered premium emerald, only Mr. Sokhia was willing to work with Shop LC to offer such high-quality material at a competitive price. His faith in Shop LC and our reputation allowed us to secure this supply for 25-percent lower than the current market price.

Dealing directly with the Sokhia family also cut out the traditional middleman seen in most emerald deals. Within the industry, it’s common and almost expected to work through several dealers to secure stone parcels. For the Sokhia’s, this is the first time they felt comfortable working outside the traditional network of dealers.

The most significant challenge with sourcing premium emeralds is securing a steady supply. As with most natural gems, it’s tough to say when a new amount will become available. Even then, for emeralds, it’s unheard of to get the same quality at the same price. The limited natural bounty of the planet means that future supplies are always questionable.


Caring for Your Brazilian Emerald

Brazilian emerald ring against white background.

As with most emeralds, treating stones is a common way to enhance their visual appeal. Brazilian emeralds undergo an oiling process to improve their clarity. Cedar oil is applied to the surface of the stone, which fills in surface fractures while minimizing their appearance.

Standard jewelry care with warm, soapy water and a gentle brush is typically safe for oiled emeralds. Avoid scrubbing too vigorously, however, as this may damage the stone. After drying, store these stones separately from other jewelry pieces to avoid accidental damage.

Emeralds may change in appearance over time, as oiling isn’t a permanent treatment. A skilled and experienced professional can apply fresh oil to these gems and preserve their beauty for many years of enjoyment.

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