In Balinese culture there is a daily tradition of making exquisite offerings to appease the gods and to create balance. Sajen is the Balinese word for “offerings,” and the trademark name for Sajen Silver jewelry creations. They are our offerings to you!

Sajen Silver collection King Tut ring in sterling silver.

Sajen Silver jewelry fuses ethnic, cultural and spiritual concepts brought to live in contemporary designs. We make each piece from hand drawn designs and utilize high quality gemstones. Gems are chosen for their special healing properties. This ensures that every piece is inspirational, unique and part of the Sajen identity.

Sajen Silver leopard pendant in sterling silver.

Sajen Silver is a highly collectible. This isn’t simply because of its obvious quality and design; it’s because collectors know that with every piece they purchase, they get a piece of us as well!

The Sajen Story

In 1987, newlyweds Marianna and Richard Jacobs lived in a thatched roof bamboo house in the rice paddies of Bali, Indonesia. As a graduate student at Yale School of Art, Richard won a Luce Scholarship to paint and teach in Bali, Indonesia.

Sajen Silver carved horse bracelet in sterling silver.

For over 30 years Marianna and Richard have worked together designing jewelry which combines their love of fine art with the healing properties of stones and the folklore of indigenous cultures to create unique and limited collectibles to wear.

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