For over four hundred years, owning a fine, high-quality timepiece was seen as a symbol of prestige, status, and wealth. Now, with watches more affordable than ever, it’s easy for anyone to own one. But where do you start? These days, watches with a quartz movement dominate the industry. Learn why these affordable and reliable watches have risen to prominence and why they are a great choice for first-time watch buyers.

What is a quartz movement?

A watch movement is a term used to describe the internal mechanism of a watch. These are the gears and devices that make the watch work, from basic time-telling through complicated features such as calendars or chronographs. In the early days of watchmaking, movements would need to be manually wound and maintained for accuracy. Today, these are known as mechanical movements. Quartz movements, however, are powered by a battery or solar power and a synthetic quartz crystal.

The first quartz movement was introduced in 1969. Quickly gaining popularity, quartz watches now dominate the industry. An estimated 99-percent of watches rely on precision quartz movements. Most styles still favor a traditional analog display, while the remaining are digital, using a liquid crystal display (LCD) to show the time and other functions. Most watches offered by Shop LC favor the traditional sophistication of an analog display.

Replacing the battery in a quartz movement watch.

Quartz movements are precision timekeeping devices.

How does a quartz movement work?

A fascinating property of quartz is its ability to vibrate at a high frequency when an electrical current is introduced. These vibrations are also very stable and reliable. Quartz vibrates at a very high rate, with precisely 32,768 vibrations per second! But how does this power the watch?

The electrical current from the power source makes the quartz crystal vibrate. When this occurs, it creates a great deal of mechanical kinetic energy within the watch. By connecting the quartz to a motor, the vibrations are harnessed to power the mechanisms of the watch. In other words, the quartz crystal operates the motor through its vibrations.

Why choose a quartz movement watch?

Quartz powered watches dominate the watch market for an excellent reason. Consider these factors before choosing a watch with a quartz movement.

  • Affordability: Quartz watches cost very little to manufacture. You’ll find them at every price point, from the mass market options through your local big box store all the way to designer options at high-end retail.
  • Reliability: This is the most reliable watch you can ever hope to own. Thanks to the high vibration of quartz crystals, these timekeepers lose less than one minute per year.
  • Low Maintenance: While mechanical movements still have their place in the watch market, they require special routine maintenance every year. Quartz watches, on the other hand, have no special requirements for care. Most owners will need to have the battery replaced occasionally.
  • Selection: With representation at every price point, quartz watches are available in a wide range of styles, with all sorts of finishes, bands, and features. Combined with its affordability, it’s easy to own several watches, choosing your favorite as the occasion demands.

What kinds of quartz movements are there?

Shop LC leverages our buying power in the watch industry to provide the best products at daily low cost. Watch brands from Shop LC utilize both Japanese and Swiss-made watch movements. In particular, Shop LC offers two of the leading Japanese-made watch movements.

  • PC21S Movement: Manufactured by Hattori (a division of Seiko Instruments Inc.), these are some of the best workhorse watch movements available. PC21S movements are found in many of the mass market watches you’ll find at your local department store. The PC21S movement is no frills, and its smaller size makes it a popular choice in many women’s watches.
  • Miyota Movement: Miyota watch movements are popular options in many of the mid-range watches you see today. Robust and reliable, Miyota movements are perfect for powering the multi-function watches found under in-house labels from specialty retailers and designer brands. You’ll discover Miyota powered watches at your local jewelry store, specialty watch stores and websites, and designer labels.

Watch Brands at Shop LC

Shop LC offers a range of exciting watches under our three in-house labels. Designed for quality and appeal, no matter your budget, explore what each of these watch brands brings to the table.

Strada Watches

Strada fashion watch with rose gold bezel, tan dial, and blue band.

Choose Strada watches for the latest trends.

Strada watches offer fashion and style suitable for daily wear. If you love variety, then Strada watches are for you! These watches utilize the PC21S movement, stainless steel backs, and accents like Austrian crystal. Highly durable and incredibly versatile, a Strada watch is perfect for dipping your toes into the exciting world of watch collecting.

  • PC21S movement
  • Stainless steel back
  • Latest trends and fashions
  • Accents in Austrian crystal
  • Durable and versatile
  • Great for beginners and dabblers

Genoa Watches

Genoa brand watch with stainless steel band and black spinel accents.

Genoa watches feature accents such as genuine gemstones.

Get the look and feel of a couture timepiece at an affordable cost when choosing Genoa watches. Built with the dependable Miyota movement, these timepieces also feature stainless steel backs. With options such as genuine gemstones, ion plating in gold, and bands of steel, genuine leather, or even ceramic, Genoa watches are perfect for gifting. Or make a statement by making it your signature timepiece for daily wear.

  • PC21S or Miyota movement
  • Stainless steel back
  • Couture-inspired designs
  • Features genuine gemstones
  • Bands in leather, gold plating, steel, and ceramic
  • Perfect for gifting

Eon 1962

Eon 1962 watch with black dial and black leather band.

Eon 1962 watches embrace the finest in luxury and design.

Evoking a lifestyle of luxury and fashion, EON 1962 watches demonstrate the very best of what you’ll find at Shop LC. Uniquely designed, these elegant and fashionable timepieces utilize Swiss-made components and operate with Miyota or Swiss movements. With stainless steel backs, you’ll find luxury pampering in the form of custom-designed dials and scratch-resistant sapphire crystals. An EON 1962 watch pulls out all the stops and can include arrangements of precious gemstones or bands fashioned from sterling silver, ion plated gold and genuine leather. Watch them go head-to-head with the most popular luxury and designer brands available today.

  • Miyota or Swiss movement
  • Stainless steel back
  • Designer and luxury-inspired designs
  • Features genuine gemstones
  • Bands in sterling silver, genuine leather, gold plating, steel, and ceramic
  • Your signature jewelry piece

Caring for Your Quartz Watch

Congratulations on choosing your first watch! A quartz watch is easy to own. These timepieces require very little additional care. With a simple routine, your watch will provide plenty of enjoyment.

  • After wear, wipe your watch clean with a soft, lint-free cloth. Store in your jewelry box or original packaging when not in use.
  • Do not submerge your watch. Strada, Genoa, and Eon 1962 watches are splash resistant only. Daily activities, like hand-washing and exposure to rain, should not affect performance. Always wipe your watch dry if it comes in contact with liquids.
  • Change your battery once a year for best performance. Quartz watches keep precise time, but weakening batteries will affect time telling and other functions of your watch.

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