JCK Las Vegas is the leading annual trade event for the entire jewelry industry, with over 30,000 of the most influential jewelry professionals (including retailers, designers, stone vendors, and marketers) coming together to network, learn about new trends, discover new and exciting designs, and more! The entire event covers gemstones, jewelry, watches and even new, innovative technologies, making JCK Las Vegas 2017  the premiere destination for vendors and retailers to showcase what’s new and trendy in the jewelry industry. Since Shop LC is dedicated to bringing you the best deals on the hottest new looks, we’re here once again with our team, scouting the booths and exhibits so that we can continue Delivering joy to you! Join us as we give you an insider look at what we’re up to. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for LIVE videos from JCK Las Vegas 2017, behind-the-scenes photos of what we’re up to, and maybe even some exclusive news!



The first day is usually packed with meeting as many new vendors as we can, discovering new designs, new gemstones, and new trends for the upcoming year. Our team (consisting of buyers, designers, executives, and more) split up to cover as much of the huge convention center as possible. With thousands of vendors exhibiting, it’s a maze of sparkle and shine, down every path and around every corner. Luckily, our buyers know exactly what to look for, while keeping their eyes peeled for exciting new looks and trends to bring to our Shop LC family. While a majority of deals are made during the final few days of the event, our buyers are constantly on the lookout for anything exciting that will help us pass on savings to you, as we always do.

Click Here to check out some photos and videos from Day One!



Day Two brings us more new discoveries, while we’re reconnecting with familiar faces and making new deals. Whether we’re getting a look at some upcoming gemstones we’ll be featuring or finding new, additional sources for some of our most beloved gemstones, JCK is the place where it all happens! Our buyers are focused on passing as much of the savings onto our Shop LC Family, so their primary goal is to work with the suppliers directly from the various mines, in order to get the best prices that we possibly can. JCK makes it easier than ever, with so many of these suppliers under one roof! Rest assured, we’ll be Delivering Joy with some new gemstones and new designs, all thanks to JCK Las Vegas!

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Day Three focused on Luxury and Timepieces. We made our way to luxurious Plum Club here at JCK to visit with luxury designers and suppliers. Our lasting relationships with vendors of all price-points allows us to continue offering luxury brands and jewelry, at the Low Cost our Shop LC Family expects. Our first stop resulted in some amazing Diamond Deals that Ankur was able to secure, which we’ll have for you as an Online Exclusive in the coming days! We also were fortunate to find some amazing new watch brands which we’re looking forward to bringing you soon as well! Host Karen Connally also arrived today, and she and Suraj immediately went on the hunt for some Fabulous Finds, which resulted in some fantastic discoveries.

Click Here to check out some photos and videos from Day Three!


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