I’ve done quite a lot of things in the course of my career as a producer-director at the LC. I’ve been down remote mines in Madagascar…. I’ve filmed on the side of Mexican mountains in search of the elusive fire opal…. but nothing prepared me for the onslaught of the senses that was JCK Las Vegas.

Vegas Strip

It’s easy to see how a jewelry event like JCK can fit in so well in such a bright and dazzling city

If you’ve never heard of JCK, don’t worry, I hadn’t either. Its not the kind of event that us mortals get to hear about. Thats because JCK Las Vegas is very specifically for the jewelry industry. Its totally an insider event, its exclusively about jewelry, and its absolutely wonderful.

New Ideas Everywhere

If you think about your favourite piece of jewelry for a second, there’s probably a good chance that that one piece of jewelry has a multitude of different design elements within it. For example the way that the gemstones are cut, the styling of the precious metal and even the arrangement of the stones – these were all once an idea in a jewelry designers mind – but where do ideas like this come from? From places like JCK.

I’m not saying that designers at JKC Las Vegas sit around sketching ideas – far from it – but there’s such a multitude of inspiration and enthusiasm here that you can’t help but see even the simplest designs from a new perspective.

JCK Las Vegas – New Techniques

There’s also the chance to see the fruits of some really impressive new jewelry-making techniques.

For example, today I was filming with the wonderful Katie Rooke and we walked in on a negotiation that Ankur was having with one of our trusted suppliers. They were hammering out the details on a very exciting new necklace. Now, this necklace was only made possible by a new and VERY detailed manufacturing technique which makes the chain move and flow like its made of fabric but still keeps it incredibly strong.

JCK Las Vegas - New bracelet

Katie couldn’t resist trying the new jewelry the MOMENT Ankur had done the deal!

Its innovations like this that are very exciting and ultimately mean that you get superbly made jewelry thats beautiful to wear and very on trend!

It was quite a lot to take in for one day, especially being the JCK Las Vegas virgin that I am. So I returned to my hotel to rest and relax. There are still three more days to go after all.

On the way back we drove down the Las vegas strip, home to the biggest and best casinos in the world. It occurred to me that in a city that thrives on risk and uncertainty, JCK Las vegas is a refreshing “sure thing”.

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