Poetry is an impressive literary work that beautifully expresses feelings and ideas in a distinctive style and rhythm. They can be funny, romantic, sad or sarcastic. Poetry has the power to give life to your emotions. If you write poems or simply love them, jewel poetry is an excellent way to frame your rhythmic words. Not only do they express your feelings but they also become a memoir and a lovely gift for friends, family or the love of your life.

Here are some poetry jewelry for perfectly expressing your love or simply a great inspiration.



Cuff bangle with love quote

When you lack confidence, jewelry is the best savior. A cuff bangle is a trendy pieces of jewelry liked by everyone. They are chic and easy to wear pieces. As a fun DIY project, you can pick much loved quotes like this one.



Engraved pendant

Give butterflies to the person you love with a beautiful pendant engraved with lines that come from your heart. Express the unforgettable moment that made you fall in love; a poetic pendant is sure to stay near their heart forever. Consider these words attributed to Judy Garland for inspiration.

For it was not into my ear you whispered but into my heart.

It was not my lips you kissed but my soul.



Faith Hope Love bracelet

Embellish your gift with poetic words that make your beloved fall in love with you again and again. An encouragement for difficult times, a bracelet is your strength in hand.



Hope engrave ring

When you are searching for the right words, meaning, strength, or inspiration, a poetry ring offers us soft-spoken hope. The interior of band rings is perfect for engraving your favorite message or poetic snippet.

We must live and not just exist.


Live for the moment.


You make me happy.



Engraved earrings

A meaningful way to treasure your memory forever, poetry earrings are an amazing way to have those words around you all the time. An excellent choice as a gift of love. Thicker hoop earrings could be inscribed in a similar fashion to a band ring.

Whatever our souls are made of,

his and mine are the same.


I will always be yours.


My love will not fade.

 When you are looking for something imaginative, jewel poetry stands high. But whether you look forward to a customized piece or you are searching from a great collection these tips will help you find the perfect piece!

Tips for Perfect Jewel Poetry

Tip 1: When you are selecting a quote make sure it expresses the right meaning.

Tip 2: Choose a quote according to the person. For example, for mom you might consider quotes like “you are my first friend,” or “I admire and love you” as perfect choices.

Tip 3: Choose poetry as per your jewelry choice. Long quotes are good for bangles or bracelets, but not for rings.

Tip 4: For customized pieces, choose famous quotes or take inspiration for something new from known phrases.

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