Jewelry should enhance your look by complementing your wardrobe. Like some outfits, some jewelry types are better at enhancing your features without overpowering your look. There are a few general body types, and you can find out which you are below.

To determine your body type, ask someone to take a photo of your entire body at eye level, and mark these characteristics:

  • Width of shoulders.
  • Width of hips.
  • Width of waist.


Inverted Triangle

  • Inverted triangles have wider shoulders than hips.
  • Your best feature to accessorize is the chest to neck region.
  • Consider statement necklaces and stud earrings.
Iliana morangine earrings in 18K rose gold.

Stud earrings keep the upper body minimal, drawing attention to your chest and neck.

Since you have broad shoulders, choosing jewelry that can help focus on your chest and neck region creates the illusion of a slimmer figure. Longer necklaces help elongate your body, creating the illusion that you are taller. Stud earrings keep the upper body minimalistic and actually draw attention to your chest and neck, creating a more elegant feel.



  • Hourglass body types have shoulders and hips around the same size, but a slimmer waistline.
  • Your best feature to accessorize is the cleavage or bust area.
  • Consider short and bold statement necklaces and dramatic drop earrings.
Rose quartz statement necklace in sterling silver.

Look for statement necklaces with a slight drop that will accent your chest.

Although your hips and shoulders are of similar width, the hips tend to overpower because the majority of your outfits typically shows off your amazing waistline. By focusing on the cleavage or bust area you balance out your outfit, while continuing to enhance your waistline. A bold necklace that has a slight drop that stops at around your chest is your best bet. This focuses on your cleavage. Meanwhile a pair of drop earrings elongates your neck, which creates the illusion of a slimmer, taller body. This works as the earrings trace onlooker’s eyes towards your chest region.


Apple (Round or Oval)

  • Apple body types have shoulders and hips around the same size, but with a wider waist.
  • Your best feature to highlight the neckline and collar bone.
  • Consider simple and elegant dangle earrings and chunky stacked bracelets.
Sky blue topaz drop earrings in sterling silver.

Drop earrings create balance between head and and hips that highlights the neckline.

Your neckline is actually your secret weapon to elongating your torso, creating an illusion of a taller figure. Since your hips and shoulders are the same width, it’s actually quite easy to create this look by emphasizing your neckline. Use a pair of simple and elegant dangle earrings to create more balance between your head and hips. This allows your body to make a bold statement while emphasizing your neckline. Chunky and stacked bracelets add balance between your waist and wrists. By creating more balance, this projects a slimmer figure.



  • Pears have wider hips than waist and shoulders.
  • Your best feature to highlight is the chest.
  • Consider chunky statement necklaces and delicate bracelets.
Blue zircon and tanzanite line bracelet in sterling silver.

A delicate bracelet subtly accents your hips, without drawing focus away from them.

As your hips are your secret power weapon, your chest is going to need some TLC to balance out your body. This trick can actually create an illusion of a slimmer waistline, therefore elongating your figure. Use chunky statement necklaces to balance out your shoulders and hips, which actually lets your natural hips shine. Delicate bracelets create an additional subtle spotlight on your hips, without shifting focus away. Plus, a delicate bracelet creates a great duality between the two for a feminine yet powerful look!



  • The rectangle body type has hips, shoulders, and waist all around the same size.
  • Your best feature to accessorize are the hands.
  • Consider using elongated statement rings and longer, layered necklaces.
Ethiopian white opal elongated ring in sterling silver.

Use elongated rings to make fingers appear longer, and more slender.

Since you have the ideal supermodel shape, giving your hands some love can create the illusion of more slender fingers. Use elongated rings while introducing a sense of effortless elegance into any outfit. Layered necklaces, or longer necklaces both elongate your body, adding to your naturally slender look.


Choosing What’s Best For You

Overall, your jewelry shouldn’t make or break you. There are no boundaries in fashion, and trends never have a deadline! Accessories should enhance your outfits by emphasizing your body’s natural strengths. What’s your favorite feature to emphasize? What jewelry makes you feel great? Find it on Shop LC!

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