Jewelry trends are changing, and colored gemstones have emerged as a modern favorite among modern girls. Nowadays, diamond has to share the throne of being “a girl’s best friend” with a particular blue gemstone. It is also the September birthstone! Did you guess sapphire?

Sapphire gem against white background.

Today, celebrities and royalty alike are turning to sapphire for a unique and personal approach. From Kate Middleton to Victoria Beckham and from Elizabeth Hurley to Penelope Cruz, the elite history of sapphire has brought this brilliant blue gemstone to center stage. So, why are so many people fascinated by this beautiful gemstone?

Why Do We Love Sapphire?

In today’s world of sophistication, it can take a lot of effort to look elegant and simple at the same while practicing minimalism. Sapphires add a touch of class and grace to any piece by bringing a modern twist to classic designs. Sapphire is coming back into fashion for several reasons.

Rare but Affordable

Sapphire has always enjoyed a reasonable price point because they were not regulated by any single organization. As the price of the sapphire gemstone is based on supply and demand, the cost of the gemstone increased organically, making these rare gems affordable to all.

Every year sapphire sale is breaking the records at the world’s top auction houses. Sales of genuine sapphires are increasing, as consumers become aware of the value of natural gemstones. And of course, the recent use of sapphire in engagement rings and jewelry will only make the gemstone rarer and therefore enhance its worth over time. Now is the perfect time to add a sapphire gem to your collection.


Sapphire ranks nine on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning it’s extremely scratch-resistant. Sapphires possess an excellent toughness as well. Paired together, the hardness and toughness of sapphire result in a very durable stone perfect for daily wear.

Unique Color Variations

Every sapphire is different from another in terms of shade variations. This means you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind ring as unique as the relationship you share with your loved one. Sapphires gemstones are available in a myriad of colors, each with a unique symbolic meaning. With sapphire jewelry, you will always get a totally customized piece.

Closeup of sapphire ring against rock.

Closeup of sapphire earrings against brown leather.

Why is Blue Sapphire Special?

When someone thinks of sapphire, an image of a sparkling blue gemstone appears in their mind. Have you wondered why blue is the favorite among colors of sapphire?

In ancient times blue sapphire was the symbol and promise of morality, devotion, purity, and trust. It was linked to the blue skies of heaven and the calm waters of the ocean. Keeping with tradition, blue sapphire became the top choice for celebrities and royalty when choosing their engagement rings.

The alluring royal blue of sapphire gives it a distinctive look that’s hard to resist. That’s why this brilliant gem has become a preferred choice for men and women when it comes to jewelry pieces like rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces. The beautiful blue shade of sapphire can take your style from basic to brilliant, instantly!

Sapphire blue butterfly necklace against driftwood.

Why Blue Sapphire Forever

Blue sapphire belongs to a family of traditional jewels worn for countless generations, but like all true classics, they remain popular and relevant even in this modern age.

The sophistication displayed by blue sapphire jewelry creates magic with the right outfits. Blue, being a primary color, works brilliantly with nearly all colors. Pair your dazzling blue sapphire ring, earrings, pendant, or necklace with warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange for a fascinating appearance. In addition, you can also wear your sparkling sapphire jewelry with blue, navy, and white attires to enjoy a timeless and classic appearance.

Blue sapphire necklace against brown rock.

Blue Sapphire on the Runway

On fashion runways, it seems like blue has secured a permanent place. It’s been a part of the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report for the last few seasons. Pantone says, “blue sparkles with energy. Stirring and impressive, blue color reassures us with its promise of a new day.”

So, whether you want to wear classic styles or you’re in the mood for chic flair, blue sapphire jewelry is your best companion. How are you styling blue sapphire jewelry?