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July Birthstone: History, Lore, And More

Featured Image: July Birthstone: History, Lore, And More

Learn the History Behind Ruby

Birthstones have existed across history. Often, these represent significant aspects of society, such as religion or custom. Modern times reflect this theme, as we update stones to reflect current tastes and trends. Join us as we examine the July birthstone.

The glowing Ruby should adorn

Those who in warm July are born,

Then will they be exempt and free

From love’s doubt and anxiety.

– Traditional Birthstone Poem

Modern July Birthstone

Ruby is a variety of corundum, one of the most desirable gemstones available today. With a captivating red hue, this stone represents the sun. Symbolic of undying love, this gem creates a compelling gift.

Rubies come in a variety of shades, from crimson to blood-red. Mining for this stone occurs around the world, in places such as Africa and Myanmar. Since 1912, ruby is the modern July birthstone.

Consider these stunning varieties of ruby.

Historical July Birthstone

The traditional July birthstone was once turquoise. Known for its distinct blue to green color this gemstone has adorned everything from jewelry to weapons. This gemstone is now a modern December birthstone.

Consider these colorful turquoise varieties!

July Birthstone Quick Facts

Your July Birthstone

Many believe that birthstones give luck to the wearer. They continue to be an excellent gift for jewelry lovers. Whether you prefer traditional or modern options, birthstones are a unique way to tell a story about yourself.

Explore our range of July birthstone jewelry. Which would you choose?

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