Sitting down with Danielle Jackson, PhD, we discuss the finer points of Kreyol Essence products. Better known online as nehthelania to her audience, Danielle is a beauty and wellness influencer, sharing tips, looks, and wellness advice to her large and growing audience through Instagram. Danielle is the Customer Service Manager for Shop LC, and received samples of the products for review purposes.


How Did You Get Involved with Kreyol Essence?

Danielle tells me, “Our Senior Beauty Buyer, Jeanne, was searching for models with textured hair. She was previously aware of my work from Instagram. It was easy to say yes! When growing your following on social media, you sometimes hit a wall, and need a new venue of exposure.”

“Meeting Yve-Car Momperousse the brand owner, was very special. It was like meeting a friend! I was very impressed with her understanding of the problems surrounding textured hair. Not just with mine, which is something of a medium texture, but with all types and varieties.”

“My favorite thing about the experience was the opportunity to meet a fellow content creator in person! Social media is great, and I love how it connects the world. Despite this, there aren’t always many chances to meet others in person. She’s like the second one I’ve met in real-life,” Danielle states, followed by her infectious laugh.

“The experience was low-key and low stress. Lots of brands have a specific process they want you to follow when reviewing products. They want so many posts over the course of the campaign, or at specific times. Shop LC trusted me to let things happen organically. I posted a Story to my Instagram when I first used it, and it went over very well.”

Which Products Did You Try?

I watch Danielle count off on her fingers as she replies. “Shop LC gave me the Haitian Moringa Oil and Facial Cleanser Duo, Haitian Black Castor Oil, and Haitian Hand and Body Cream to try. The first thing I noticed was how great everything smells! I’m especially a fan of the rosemary and mint. They gave me plenty of time to acquaint myself with the products. It was fun because I never used castor oil before!”

“I’ve used plenty of oils and similar products over the year. With the castor oils, I only needed to use about a quarter-sized amount on my palm. With my normal product, I use about four times as much. I especially appreciated how it treated my scalp. Unless you have it, most people don’t understand that it’s important to also treat your scalp when you have textured hair. It’s tingling and soothing and there’s no feeling quite like it!”

“The Black Castor Oil absorbed really easily, and really quickly! Compared to other oils I’ve used, I haven’t seen that before.”

Why Did You become an Influencer?

“I never thought it’d take off the way it did,” Danielle recalls. “For me, creating looks and sharing makeup tips was about de-stressing. It used to be an outlet, but I let work and school get in the way. So, unfortunately, I got away from it for a bit. Regardless of where your career or life takes you, don’t forget about self-care. It’s the most important thing you can do for yourself.”

What is Kreyol Essence?

Ethically sourced and eco-friendly formulated from botanical ingredients – Kreyol Essence is setting a new standard in natural hair, skin, and body care and Shop LC is thrilled to partner with a brand whose values are so similar to our own. The brand offers a wide assortment of innovative natural products for men and women. From natural oils and skin care products to hair care products, you’ll find a product line that promises true healing and beauty that radiates from within. The brand prides itself on products that are 100% natural, environmentally conscious and highly effective.

The Kreyol Essence Story

The brainchild of founder Yve-car Momperousse, Kreyol Essence came into existence with an idea to assist anyone who needed 100% natural Haitian Black Castor Oil. The idea was further fuelled by her vision to stimulate economic activity in Haiti. On Jan. 12th, 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti. Donations from around the world started pouring in to provide stability to the devastated Haiti. However, Yve-car believed that Haiti’s economy can revive not by donations but by job creation. As a social enterprise, Kreyol Essence is passionate about creating jobs, protecting the island’s environment and empowering women. They promise that every purchase has a positive global impact.

Why 100% Natural Haitian Black Castor Oil is the Magic Ingredient

The 100% natural Haitian Black Castor Oil by Kreyol Essence is substantially harvested from farms in Haiti and used for beauty and medicinal purposes. Manufactured from the traditional processing method of roasting, grinding and cooking the castor seeds, the screen filtered black castor oil from Kreyol Essence offers an endless number of beauty benefits.

Haitian Black Castor Oil is high in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. It nourishes the hair from root to tip to revitalize while moisturizing each individual strand. The presence of high levels of ricinoleic acid helps the oil carry moisture to hair, skin, and body. The acid helps fight acne, reduce joint pain, and promote healthy skin. As a natural humectant, Haitian Black Castor Oil moisturizes even extremely dry skin and soothes muscles.

Natural ingredients in Kreyol Essence Haitian Black Castor Oil promotes accelerated blood circulation in the scalp and fast hair growth. The anti-bacterial and antiviral properties of the oil fights scalp infections such as bald patches and alopecia. Vitamin E which is also a natural anti-oxidant helps combat oxidative stress that leads to hair loss. Haitian Black Castor Oil is 100% natural, and can be used by everyone.


Are You Ready for Kreyol?

With Kreyol Essence beauty products, get ready to experience hair and skin care you’ve never had before!

Explore Kreyol Essence for yourself and share your experience!

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