Royal Trendsetter Creates Flower Mask Boom

Have you noticed? Floral face masks are having a serious moment right now. Those in the know are reporting that a member of the Royal family has recently sported a bright floral face mask after a recent charity visit.

SEMrush, a data trends provider, has told Shop LC how her recent appearance has sent demand for flower face masks soaring!

  • Between August 5 to August 8, searches for “floral face mask” spiked 316.67% in the US!
  • And, since August 8, Google searches for “floral face mask” has spiked 66% in the States!

Are you looking for your own? Why not consider some of these options from Shop LC?

2 in 1 Floral Pattern Face Mask

Yellow floral face mask.

For starters, check out this 2 in 1 face and scarf mask combo. Not only a functional and fashionable scarf, it can also be worn as a protective face mask. The double-layered fabric is lightweight and breathable, perfect for outdoor wear.

2 in1 Blue Lily Pattern Breathable Fashion Bandana Scarf Mask

Floral print bandana face mask.

This bandana scarf means double trouble, and is a great addition to your late summer wardrobe. Like the other 2 in 1 mask on this list, it pulls double duty as either a scarf or mask. It’s a great option to hold onto for when COVID is behind us. Soft, double layering means it’s light and breathable, and a great choice.

Set of 2 Moroccan Floral Pattern and Striped Masks

Moroccan floral print and striped face mask set.

One to wear, and one to spare! This Moroccan floral print face mask is not only cute, but comfortable to wear! Comfy elastic holds it secure against the face, and a wide loop keeps it comfortable. Pink and white stripes vertically cross the second mask for a chic look. Two layers of cotton make this set a cool pick!

Daisy Pattern Reusable Fashion Mask

Man wearing daisy pattern face mask.

Wanting something different? Rhinestones glitter on the surface of this stylish black face mask in a playful daisy pattern. A lightweight polyester and spandex blend make for a comfy fit. This mask is hand wash only, and don’t forget to wash any reusable mask after each use!

Know someone in need? Learn how Shop LC is donating face masks to frontline workers.

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Disclaimer: Shop LC does not warrant or make any representation that these masks are effective in preventing the spread, transmission or contracting of any injury or illness including COVID-19.  Please consult your healthcare professional prior to use. Follow current CDC guidelines when wearing these masks.


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