Web exclusive collections are now at Shop LC. These limited-edition jewelry lines feature some of the hottest and trendiest styles available right now. Both designer and inspired by your favorite trends, you’ll always find something new. Competitively priced, this web exclusive jewelry is easy to buy – while it lasts.

Moissanite chevron ring.
Moissanite chevron ring from Jewelry Essentials.


There are options for every taste when you’re shopping online. At Shop LC, you’ll find plenty of choices no matter your personal style. Check out these top picks from our team.

Diamond initial ring with 14K rose gold finish.
Diamond initial ring from Initial Collection.
  • Jewelry Essentials – Every collection begins with a strong foundation. These essential pieces have a home in every collection.
  • Zodiac Collection – Everyone needs some help from their lucky stars sometimes. Our curated zodiac jewelry delivers options that will leave you star struck.
  • Initial Collection – The ‘I’s’ have it! But so do the ‘B’s,’ the ‘J’s’ and every initial! For a quick and fun boost, choose your initial, and maybe one for your bestie.
Stainless steel Leo pendant with gold ion plating.
Leo pendant from Zodiac Collection.

Fresh styles are coming daily. Check our new arrivals for the latest jewelry.


Shop LC customers have spoken, and so have our influencer partners! Meet the Style Squad. Our web exclusive jewelry collections remain a top pick among our favorite trend setters, and for good reason.

Gold vermeil wave ring.
Wave ring from Jewelry Essentials.

From our Jewelry Essentials comes this highly stylish wave ring. A favorite of both Alexandra and Terica Denise, it’s easy to see why. The minimalistic band ring features a sterling silver base with gold vermeil finish. Durable and elegant, it’s a ring you’ll wear every day. The simple dip in the band creates a powerful sense of movement that’s perfect for any on-the-go lifestyle.

Sterling silver star necklace.
Star necklace from Celestial Collection.

Another influencer favorite is the Celestial Collection. Whether for yourself, or your moon and stars, heavenly influence is felt in every piece. Jenny Iliana and Myra Creely are both fans, selecting spectacular starry selections. Star gazing has never been easier than admiring your new favorite ring.

There’s plenty to discover in web exclusive jewelry. Find your new favorites today!

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