Whether it’s a one year anniversary or a 50 year anniversary, these memorable events are special and cherished. Adding some extra glam and elegance to your ensemble will add to this special occasion. Continue reading our Look of the Week to discover the perfect outfit for that significant moment!


Look of the Week - Anniversary Party - Kelsey

Tanzanite Necklace | Tanzanite Earrings | Sterling Silver Cuff

What makes this combination of items perfect for an anniversary party?

This combo works for an anniversary because it’s dressed up, but comfortable. The Bondi blue tanzanite necklace really shows off well against a lower neckline and a pop of hammered silver with the silvertone cuff complements the silver in the necklace and earrings.

Why did you decide to go with tanzanite with this look?

Tanzanite is a gemstone that you celebrate with! Whether it’s anniversaries, births or birthdays, Tanzanite is a great choice. I chose to be a bit different with Bondi blue tanzanite which gives it a light green-blue tint.

Do you know anyone who has been together for over 20 years? Who?

My parents have been together for over 20 years, 29 to be exact. It’s pretty cool to have them as a role model for a relationship that works!

Out of all the items you used to create this look, which is your favorite and why?

I love the tanzanite earrings the most! I’m an earring girl and I’m a firm believer that that’s the jewelry people notice the most.

Do you prefer to dress up for the office or do you wish every day were Casual Friday? Why?

I like a mixture. I’ve worked in both environments and found that I missed dressy clothing when I only wore workout clothing and I missed casual clothing when I had to dress up. My ideal would be a combination of both.

You decide!

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