Dancing is a great way to let off some steam, stay active and just plain fun. It’s even more exciting when you’re going out dancing with the girls. Make sure your outfit is not only cute, but that it’s also up for the challenge of dancing the night away. Continue reading to discover our Look of the Week!

Look of the Week - Dancing with the girls - Kelsey

J Francis Grey Poncho | Artisan Crafted Drusy Quartz Earrings | Cream Leatherette Crossbody Bag | Artisan Crafted Drusy Quartz BraceletArtisan Crafted Drusy Quartz Ring

This ensemble is perfect for a night filled with dancing because it’s appropriate for almost any atmosphere and very tasteful. The set of artisan crafted drusy quartz jewelry really adds the perfect amount of sparkle for a night out. Wedges are always a good choice when it comes to dancing because they are more comfortable than pumps, yet more formal than flats. Don’t forget to bring this sleek poncho just in case the night gets chilly later on and keep all of your essentials close by with the elegant cross-body bag!

You decide!

The best part about the Look of the Week is that you can get all of these featured items right here at the LC! Now that you have some inspiration, tell us what you think! DO you like Kelsey’s combination of items for our Look of the Week? Would you wear this for a night out? Use the hashtag #KELSEYSLOOK on Twitter and Facebook to tell us!


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