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March Birthstone: History, Lore, and More

Stone of the Sea

Birthstones exist across cultures and history. Often, they reflect important aspects of society, such as religion or customs. Many groups use these symbolic stones to reflect tastes, thoughts, and trends. Join us as we examine the nature of the March birthstone.

Who on this world of ours her eyes

In March first opens may be wise,

In days of peril firm and brave,

Wears she a bloodstone to her grave.

-Traditional Birthstone Poem

Modern Birthstone

Aquamarine is the modern March birthstone. It is a greenish-blue to blue-green beryl. Most prefer a hue like seawater. Aquamarine can be lighter, as seen in Espirito Santo Aquamarine, or darker, like Santa Maria Aquamarine.

This jewel derives its name from the Latin word for “seawater.” Some ancient beliefs said that carving aquamarine with an image of Neptune protects travelers during sea voyages. Other legends say that aquamarine is seawater that hardens over seven years.

These briny gems carry many associations with water. Over the centuries, believers said that aquamarine gives control over water spirits, purifies toxic water, and heal illness of the throat.

This green-blue stone has been a modern birthstone since the early twentieth century.

Historical Birthstone

Before aquamarine became the modern March birthstone, there was bloodstone. In fact, bloodstone is still a birthstone for March. However, these days it is seen as an alternative to better-known aquamarine.

Bloodstone, a chalcedony, is a dark green gem with flecks of red. It is a trendy stone for men’s rings. And, in ancient times, it was a popular choice for signet rings. These would seal documents by pressing a carved image on the ring into hot wax.

In ancient times, bloodstone was said to grant magic powers. By combining it with the right words and herbs, it would make one invisible. Others said it protects against poison.

Your Birthstone

Many believe birthstones bring us luck. They continue to be a great gift, and birthstones are a unique way to tell a story about yourself.

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Would you choose aquamarine or bloodstone? Tell us in the comments!

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