May the Fourth be with you! Starting as a silly pun, May the Fourth has become one of the biggest grassroots celebrations in fandom and should be a surprise to no one. On May the 4th, we celebrate the ongoing struggle between the light and the dark. Similarly, in the world of gemstones, some gems relish the light side, while others embrace darker passions. Are you ready to discover both light and dark gemstones?

The world of gemstones comprises a kaleidoscopic of colors. Some gemstones fall into the light side of things, and others into the dark. Many colors emit positive energy, while others have an equalizing or balancing effect.

Often, color is the deciding factor in the attraction a stone has for an individual. Each color possesses a deep inner meaning. While light color gems like green and blue typically encourage happiness, joy, love, benevolence, and calmness, darker ones like red often induce passion, strength and boldness. What effect do these light and dark stones have, not only upon the soul, but also upon the human body?

Disclaimer: The information presented is for information purposes only and should not replace the advice of a trained medical professional.

Light Side Gemstones

The vast universe of gemstones on the light side of color includes beautiful gems with incredible hues, capable of mesmerizing anyone. Colors such as blue and green fall into this category. Gemstones of the light harness mystical powers capable of inducing cheerfulness, pleasure, love, kindness, and peace in the wearer’s life. Some of the most popular stones on the light side of things include:

Burmese blue sapphire and yellow gold ring on wood display.

Blue Sapphire: Highly regarded in ancient times by kings and emperors, blue sapphire is said to receive its protective power from Saturn. Blue sapphire is said to evoke calmness by combating anxiety and discouragement. It is believed to reinforce the wearer’s willpower while granting the strength to overcome stress. Gem therapists believe that blue sapphire can assist in both personal and spiritual growth.

AAA tanzanite stud earrings in 14K gold on wood display.

Tanzanite: This blue gemstone is said to promote calmness and peace. Gem therapists suggest tanzanite as a stone that brings positive self-awakening qualities. It is also said to improve communication and sharpen the mind, opening the wearer’s ability to perceive the greater world. It is believed to generate an energy of happiness and relief from worries.

Peridot bypass ring with zircon accents resting on stone for display.

Peridot: Popular for exuding refreshing hues, this gem is said to bring its wearer peace, success and good luck. Its energies and power boost protection, health and sleep. Peridot is believed to manifest abundance in all areas of one’s life: wealth, health, happiness and love. Gem therapists believe peridot to be a stone that balances and stimulates energy.

Band ring with channel set emerald gemstones on stone backdrop.

Emerald: This green gemstone is said to stimulate the heart and the heart chakra. The comforting energy of this gemstone provides healing to all levels of the body, bringing rejuvenation and energy to the spirit. It is also believed to promote wisdom, understanding and mental growth. Also, the gemstone is said to promote healthy relationships by providing domestic bliss, contentment, and loyalty.

Dark Side Gemstones

These unrivaled gemstones are famous for making their presence felt with intense hues. Most of these darks side gemstones come in colors that are very vibrant and pronounced. Often linked to passion and strength, these gemstones hold energizing and stimulating properties that promote creativity and abundance. Popular stones of the dark side include:

Mozambique garnet pendant draped over white stone.

Mozambique Garnet: Famous for its inner sparkle, Mozambique garnet is seen as a holy stone that enlightens the soul while giving wisdom. This red stone is said to strengthen the survival instinct and bring courage and passion to the wearer. Gem therapists believe Mozambique garnet to be a stone that boosts self-confidence.

Burmese ruby oval stud earrings displayed on wooden plinth.

Burmese Ruby: Known as a stone of passion, this dark side gem is a stone of deeply passionate, romantic love. Crystal healers tell us that it improves one’s luck in matters of the heart. It encourages openness and communication in relationships. It is also believed to be a talisman of protection and strength, growing one’s inner willpower.

Lavender spinel three stone ring on wooden stand.

Red Spinel: This deep red gemstone is associated with energy renewal, overcoming difficult circumstances and rejuvenation. Red spinel is said to be a stone that assists the wearer with keeping focus, lowering anxiety and stress. It also believed to enhance relationships and confidence. Spinel also occurs in other varieties, such as soft lavenders, steely blues and more!

However, there is a variant of red spinel, dubbed “Jedi Spinel” by its discoverer, that remains a faithful follower of the light even while belonging to the dark side.

What is Jedi Spinel?

This enchanting gemstone is famous for bright neon pinkish red color, untouched by darker tones. Found in Mogok, Myanmar, Jedi spinel displays deep, pure, highly saturated color with exceptional transparency and crystallization. This gemstone occurs in dark soluble rock deposits of limestone and dolomite and exudes pure colorful hues.

Both light and dark gemstones are known for their exceptional mystical properties. Which side will you choose? Tell us in the comment below!