A new year means a new you, and jewelry is a great way to accessorize! Men’s jewelry trends in 2021 are continuing to shift further from traditional options. See how color play a larger role and get insight into how we’re seeing men break out and reinvent classic options in new ways.


Men’s fashion has increasingly become more adventurous with color. Men are breaking out of gender norms and embracing individual identities.

Pantone announced the Color of the Year to be Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, evoking strength and hopefulness. It is “a message of happiness supported by fortitude,” both of which are strong trends we carry into 2021, after the chaos and uncertainty of COVID-19 in 2020. 

Gray hematite men's stretch bracelet.

Gray represents steadiness and resilience as well as balance and compromise. A balance in our lifestyle means listening to ourselves as we adjust to the new lives we are building, while focusing on our physical and mental health.

Stones I envision in men’s jewelry include gray moonstone, salt and pepper diamonds, gray agate, hematite, and gray tourmaline.

Citrine men's ring in sterling silver with subtle accents on shank.

Yellow brings complementing vibes with positivity, energy, freshness, and clarity. It is an attitude to start and end each day with a reminder to find joy in small moments we may previously have taken for granted.

In some cultures, yellow signifies good luck, wealth and health. I see these attributes in men’s jewelry trends with citrine, lemon quartz, yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, and yellow tourmaline.

Gemstones running along with the meaning of strength are citrine, serpentine, tiger’s eye, carnelian, garnet, and hematite. Gemstones know for the meaning of happiness include aventurine, chrysoprase, jade, spinel, tanzanite, and tourmaline.


More versatility and options are becoming available as men redefine themselves and their image while pushing the industry to be more innovative.

Brown leather men's bracelet with stainless steel cross.

Stacking bracelets is increasingly popular among men. It gives off a natural, carefree look showing your individual style. Thin bracelets will not make the look too heavy and bulky.

Men's stacking bracelet with brown gemstone accents.

Try pairing two to four bracelets that have a similar theme, metal, or color to give a more unified look. For a more sophisticated approach, try matching just one or two bracelets to accompaniment a watch.

Experiment and see what feels most comfortable and expresses your personality, even if that’s just one bracelet at a time!


It’s all in the details with ring trends. Intricate detailing is spicing up signet and band rings for men. For making a statement, abstract, animals, and skull rings are becoming more popular.

Intricate gold men's ring with black gemstone accent.

When it comes to loud pieces less is more. One ring is recommended.

With more subtle pieces, and band rings, you can wear one or more on each hand. Wearing a few at a time will display more of your personality while grabbing more attention from those around you.


Chains are getting an update with a wider variety of link patterns and thickness. Wear your chain by itself or accessorize it with a pendant to add a little more flair.

Black agate and tiger's eye men's necklace.

Common lengths are around 18 to 22 inches, but if you want it to be longer and hanging around your chest try 26 to 30inches.

Sterling silver wolf tooth necklace for men.

Pendants are a great way to make a statement with your jewelry. Crystal pendants, animal motifs, and coins are trending and can feel more personal.

Like stacking bracelets, don’t be afraid to pile on the chains to show off your taste. Check out Shop LC’s personalized jewelry.       


Zoom jewelry for men means necklaces, chains, and pendants, but I also think of brooches.

Men's brooch in sterling silver with platinum finish.

This trend is a way to enhance your presence while on a call and a brooch is an elegant way to stand out! You can find brooches that easily accessorize with any outfit. You can keep it casual or dress it up. 

Wear them on your lapel, collar, tie, or front pocket. When going out you can place them on your coat, scarf, or hat. It is functional for jackets that may not have a closure, or when trying to keep your scarf in place so it doesn’t fly around.

Popular designs are goth and nature inspired, including flowers, feathers, and beetles. Play with the angles, knowing it doesn’t have to always be upright. By doing so it can make a piece feel new again. Other ways you can style your brooch is by attaching it to your bracelet, chain, or belt.

Explore the range of men’s jewelry trends with Shop LC.

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