We all know there’s no one like Mom, and there are many supermoms out there who are essential in our lives. So, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, it becomes difficult to choose a perfect gift that’s as special as she is. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Every year many of us struggle to find a present that is unique, thoughtful and creative. There are plenty of easy options, but they often lack the personal touch. So, if you’re ready to start your crafting spree, we’ll break down some amazing DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make Mom feel extra special.


Simple Dangle Earrings that are Simply Her

Woman making handmade jewelry.

Jewelry is always special! Creating fun and charming jewelry is a great choice for a meaningful gift. Your mom will appreciate something you created for her, rather than something you simply bought. Simple dangle earrings are easy to make and perfect for any skill level. Start with the basics, and feel free to customize your creation based on your comfort and skill level. For a bigger challenge, learn how to make a handmade ribbon bracelet or check out these ways to reuse earrings in your collection.


Handmade Cards Send a Love-Filled Message

Mom and daughter making Mother's Day card.

Cards are one of the cutest ways to say ‘Thank You,’ or ‘I Love You’ to your mother. Aside from the surprise factor, don’t forget that moms are super sentimental by nature. They love to receive cards with heartfelt messages. It doesn’t matter how detailed or simple your card is, what matters is the genuine effort put into it. Pinterest is perfect for handmade card ideas, such as quilled heart cards, fingerprint flower cards, fork painting cards, and more. A handmade card is one of the most accessible projects available!


Yummy Breakfast in Bed

Mother being served breakfast in bed.

Waking up to a refreshing morning with a yummy in-bed breakfast makes anyone’s day. Mother’s Day is the best opportunity to treat Mom like a queen. Delight her with the smell of her favorite breakfast food while she wakes up. Breakfast tacos topped with cheese, eggs, and bacon or French toast with iced coffee are sure to win her heart. She might still guard the family’s secret recipes, but it’s a great way to show her you’re ready to take them on!


Custom Painted Pots with Succulents

Girl painting plant pot.

Succulents are lasting favorites, with easy care. Terracotta pots with a custom paint job make them just right for Mom! Pretty it up with a cute label to add a modern, cool and personal feel. She’ll be tempted to keep it in her favorite spot at home or in the office!


A Fresh Bouquet of Her Favorite Flowers

Mother's Day floral bouquet.

This gift combines two of mom’s loves: you and flowers! Roses, lilies, orchids, or hydrangeas will surely brighten Mom’s spirits on Mother’s Day. Take a random approach with a dazzling color combination or pick her favorites. Or, if you want to keep things truly traditional, carnations are the original Mother’s Day flower. If real flowers aren’t her style, you can try an edible bouquet, which offers a tasty twist on this classic gift.


Satisfy Her Sweet Tooth with Chocolate

Selection of Mother's Day chocolates.

For the mother with a sweet tooth, handmade chocolates are one of the best gifts. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to hold the monopoly on delicious flavored chocolates. For a contemporary spin on gifting chocolate, try packaging your own hot cocoa in a jar!


Fill a Basket with Your Handmade Gifts

Mother's Day gift basket.

Gift baskets, your saving grace! Sometimes, we have so many things on our list to give. Gift baskets are the perfect solution for gathering all your presents in a big bundle for the perfect presentation.


Gift Mom outside the usual this year with a DIY Mother’s Day gift. What are you creating for her?