Celebrating mothers and motherhood, Mother’s Day deserves the best of the best. What better gift than the enticing hues and the mesmerizing glimmer of jewelry? Read to discover which style of jewelry best suits your mom.

There’s nothing our moms wouldn’t do to take care of us and nurture us with boundless love. Juggling work and responsibilities, mothers are nothing less than superstars that deserve every bit of appreciation and gratitude we can provide. Mother’s Day gives you the opportunity to pamper her and thank her for all she does for you.

‘I have enough jewelry.’ – Said no woman ever! Choosing the perfect gift can be a difficult task. When all else fails, jewelry saves the day in exquisite style. For this Mother’s Day, Shop LC offers you our top five styles of jewelry that are sure to make this special day a memorable one for both you and mom.


Spring-Inspired Jewelry

Spring inspired jewelry.

Imbibe in the nature-inspired glamour and eye-catching appeal of jewelry designed with floral and butterfly motifs. Be it sunflower stud earrings or an enameled butterfly pendant; these pieces are the perfect way to welcome spring.


Trendy Tribal Jewelry

Southwestern style jewelry.

For a bold and flamboyant look at Sunday brunches, colorful Santa Fe Style jewelry adds a fascinating boho chic look. For moms looking to make a style statement every day, these multi gemstone accessories make the perfect gift.


Magical Metal Jewelry

Minimalistic metal jewelry.

Help your mom add a romantic elegance with rose gold jewelry or flaunt a rustic charm with sterling silver trinkets. Amplifying the look of any attire, the magic of these metal beauties is sure to win compliments.


Breathtaking Birthstone Jewelry

A selection of birthstone jewelry.

Birthstones are gems that represent a person’s birth month or zodiac. Offering birthstone jewelry for every month, Shop LC encourages you to add a personal touch to the gift mom is sure to cherish. Emerald is May’s birthstone and makes a fabulous choice for a gift.


A Penchant for Purple

Purple gemstone jewelry.

Ultra Violet is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018. The fashion and jewelry arenas have embraced all shades and hues of this rich and regal color. Pick the perfect purple accessory for your mom and let the enchanting color be a part of her mesmerizing appeal.


So, what’s it going to be this Mother’s Day? A classy amethyst pendant, a butterfly ring or a Santa Fe Style cuff? Let us know in the comments below!