What is Mystic Topaz?

Mystic Topaz is white topaz coated through a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process. An ultra-thin reflective coating, similar to the protective coating found in eyewear, is applied to top-quality natural white topaz to make Mystic Topaz jewelry. It brings out an iridescent luminance, with a wide color range depending on the light source and the viewing angle!

Mystic topaz ring.

Who created mystic topaz?

Azotic pioneered the original process of coating the colorless topaz with green technology. Since their initial pioneering of the process, many others vendors have added their own twist. Mystic topaz is a relatively new gemstone, first debuting in 1998.

What is mystic quartz?

Mystic quartz is an alternative to the better-known mystic topaz. Rising in popularity, the gem is created with the same process as mystic topaz, just with a colorless quartz. Very little distinguishes the two gems, and either is an excellent choice for showcasing the mesmerizing color palettes available.


What Color is Mystic Topaz?

Mystic topaz owes its name to the mysterious kaleidoscope of beautiful hues that hypnotize us. It is still a young gem with lots of potentials. With the advancement of technology and humanity’s creativity, mystic topaz now comes in several color varieties. Shop LC offers several types of this intriguing gemstone.

  • Mystic Twilight Topaz displays a tantalizing array of yellows, pinks, and oranges.
  • Northern Lights Mystic Topaz flaunts hues including yellow, blue, green, pink and red, just like the Aurora Borealis.
  • Pure Pink Mystic Topaz amplifies femininity with a dreamy sparkle this gem offers a beautiful shade of pink with tinges of purple.
  • Mystic Neptune Topaz plays with delightful shades of blue the gem makes for a lovely addition to any blue stone jewelry collection.


Buying Mystic Topaz Jewelry

Selecting Mystic Topaz Gemstones

Mystic Topaz Cut: Made with natural colorless topaz, all varieties of mystic topaz can be found in popular cuts like an oval, round, cushion, and pear.

Mystic Topaz Color: Mystic topaz undergoes a coating process. Every variety of the gem shows different dominant color tones with a unique play of iridescent or rainbow-like colors.

Mystic Topaz Clarity: Topaz is a gem popular for its vitreous luster and for being eye clean; the inclusions are tiny and few and typically invisible to naked eye. All mystic topaz varieties are transparent or translucent. The higher the clarity of the gem the more vibrant the colors!


Mystic Topaz Jewelry Styles

Mystic topaz is a contemporary gem and is perfect for representing modern fashion trends and styles. Here are some ways you can pair different varieties of Mystic topaz with your favorite outfits.

Mystic Topaz pendant.

Client meetings, lunches with friends or impromptu dinner plans; with this sophisticated vintage-inspired pendant look your elegant best throughout the day. Accented with tanzanite, the piece showcases the gleaming blue hues of Mystic Neptune Topaz, offering you a charming color palette.

Mystic Topaz bracelet.

Embellish your feminine charm as you blend romance and elegance with this Pure Pink Mystic Topaz bracelet. Perfect with your pastel blue or mint green dress, the piece gets you ready for a lunch date instantly.

Mystic Topaz ring.

The crimson of garnet exquisitely highlights the reflective colors of Mercury Mystic Topaz nestled at the center. The color palette of the ring makes an excellent choice for color blocks like navy blue and maroons or outfits dominated by whites and baby pinks.

Mystic Topaz earrings.

Celebrate the mesmerizing warmth of these drop earrings. Showcasing faceted pears of Mystic Twilight Topaz, these beauties allow its dreamy autumn hue to underscore your face and make you the center of attention at the next luncheon.

Mystic Topaz jewelry set.

Flaunt a regal allure that hypnotizes one all with this elaborately designed pendant set. Decorated with Northern Lights Mystic Topaz, these accessories add breathtaking glamour to any ensemble making them wardrobe must-haves.


How Long Does Mystic Topaz Last?

Mystic topaz ranks eight on Mohs scale of hardness which makes the gem impressively scratch resistant. However, topaz has perfect cleavage, which means that the gems structure makes it susceptible to fracture if hit from the right direction. Mystic topaz jewelry, like all gemstone jewelry, should be worn with care to avoid harsh abrasions.

Though the gem possesses a strong scratch resistance, the special coating that makes mystic topaz special is susceptible to scratching and wear. Avoid rings and bracelets if you’re more active and instead consider jewelry like earrings or pendants and necklaces.


Care and Cleaning for Mystic Topaz Jewelry

Your favorite mystic topaz jewelry doesn’t require tedious care. Whenever cleaning is needed, just follow these general jewelry care tips to keep it sparkling for years of enjoyment.


Unlock the world of mystic topaz jewelry and find your new favorite today!

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