Gazing into a mystic topaz ring, it reflects a luminous rainbow shine. Now, what distinguishes it from other members of the topaz family? First, it shows a vast range of color that makes it stand apart.

Early Egyptians considered topaz as the gem of the sun. They believed that the sun god Ra imparted its golden glow. In fact, the word topaz is derived from the Greek word topazion, taken from the Sanskrit word tapas, meaning “fire.” This gem since long has been linked with the island of Topazios, now known as St. John’s island.

The variety of this stone ranges from transparent to translucent. It exhibits high clarity with few inclusions. It exhibits ultra-clarity. I bet you will not be able to see any visible imperfections with the naked eye. Mystic topaz rings are very popular for their dazzling reflection of light. Certainly, it is an adorable addition to the wardrobe.

The right to create mystic topaz is patented by a German-based company. And it is the only company in the world that produces it and exports it to the other parts of the world. Moreover, they create luminous topaz of different colors such as pink, brown, yellow, green, blue, and red. No wonder why it’s in such high demand!


Every stone has its own significant spiritual meaning. In this way, topaz is no different. To many, topaz is worn as a shield to protect from harm. It was once believed to offer protection from invisible dangers. Ancient Greeks believed topaz boosted physical stamina and helped one avoid detection.

People in the Middle Ages highly valued topaz for its healing powers, too. Today, it is widely used by crystal healers to boost confidence and help make wise decisions. It is said to give you the courage and determination to follow your dreams and make them reality. Some also say it helps stimulate hidden talents and creative ideas.


Special days in our life needs special involvement. Everybody starts dreaming about their engagement day for a long time. And indeed it’s a special day. To make your big day extra special and memorable, we have some beautiful engagement rings for you and your loved ones.


Northern Lights Mystic Topaz and Natural White Zircon Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver 5.15 ctw

The cushion-shaped focal gem is graced with the sparkling charm of natural white zircons on the designer shank. The fine detailing in the ring adds a magnificent appeal to this ring. The halo of the granular framework makes this ring sparkle to the max, complementing the color tones this mystical stone.

What makes this ring look unique? The Y-shaped shank is encrusted with natural white zircon. This mystic topaz engagement ring is crafted in platinum plated sterling silver.


Pure Pink Mystic Topaz Solitaire Ring in Vermeil Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver 12.35 ctw

You must be lying if you say a solitaire has not been on your mind as your engagement ring. This pink mystic topaz ring will enhance your style in seconds.

This pure pink mystic topaz engagement ring is designed on the solitaire theme which features a single gem. A solitaire is a symbol of love and commitment.

It features an oval super-sized gemstone, grabbing attention. The gemstone is set in prongs for maximum safety and brilliance.

The ring is crafted in rose gold vermeil over sterling silver, famous for its longevity and strong resistance.


KARIS Northern Lights Mystic Topaz Solitaire Ring in Platinum Bond 3.10 ctw

The Northern Lights Mystic Topaz ring will allow your engagement day to turn out gracefully. The oval-shaped gemstone is set on the sleek split shank completing the design.

The frame of the metal beautifully complements the stunning and shimmering rainbow effect with vivid, mesmerizing colors.

This jewel is set in prongs, making the gem perfect for those with active lifestyles and careers. It is crafted in platinum over sterling silver.


Moon Glow Orange Mystic Topaz and Black Diamond Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver 8.85 ctw

The ring will amaze you with its sparkling beauty. The Moon Glow Orange Mystic Topaz ring is simply enticing and showcases a splendid glamour.

Celebrate your femininity. This ring is embedded with the exceptional beauty of alluring gemstones to charm up your casual look.

Creative metal accents around the gem are decked with black diamonds. The ring is forged in platinum over sterling silver for longevity and elegance.


This faceted oval of blue mystic topaz is adorned with classic charm. The exceptional shape of the frame offers perfect lift to the blue jewel.

It is made in durable sterling silver; the ring has a platinum finish for a shiny and sturdy look.


Simulated Mystic Topaz Solitaire Ring in Rhodium Over Sterling Silver 9.10 Grams

This ring is among the most affordable options out there. It surely will become a part of your collection!

Exuding a heart-warming rainbow effect, after a long day, one look at this ring helps stress vanish – or so we like to think!

Dive into its beauty. It is crafted in sterling silver making it durable. In addition, its lightweight makes it suitable to wear all day long.


Northern Lights Mystic Topaz and Natural White Zircon Heart Ring in Vermeil Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver 3.35 ctw

If you were longing to get your hands on a desirable heart-shaped ring, the wait is over now. You can make it yours at a very minimum amount. The Mystic Topaz in this ring has been designed in a heart shape. Making it an epitome of love. Sparkling diamonds are marking its territory on the perimeter of this stone. It is crafted in gold over sterling silver.

Embrace the mystery and discover your own mystic topaz ring!

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