Nails are often neglected as we scrub away and clean in our daily lives. However, as summer is coming in, maintaining the health of nails is a must as we hit the beach or pool! Here are five doctor-certified ways to maintaining the health of your nails.

1) Look for the Common Signs of Poor Nail Health

Take a minute to look at your nails. Do they look unhealthy? Here are are a few common signs of nails that need a little more TLC:

Unhealthy looking nails.

Changing Colors

If you notice that your nails are changing from purple/pink to yellow, it could be a sign that your nails do not receive enough oxygen after being covered up by nail polish.

Changing Nail Shapes

Whether it’s thickness or the shape itself, it is important to note anything and everything when your nails change by itself. If your nails begin to separate, it’s an indication that you need to clean your nails and amp up your health game.

Bleeding and Bumps

If it is bleeding or you are noticing bumps on either your nails or your fingers surrounding the nail, it’s normally an indication that you’ve been a little rough on your nails and to take it easy on them for a while.

Struggling to Grow

If your nails haven’t been growing for a while and you did everything you could to take care of it, talk to your doctor about vitamin B supplements!

2) Prioritize Nail Health over Looks

Long nails have been a trend for a while now, so it’s natural for anyone to want to invest in longer nails. However, if you are noticing that your nail’s health is deteriorating, trim them. Use a nail clipper to clip straight across before shaping your nails with a nail filer. Doctors recommend trimming your nails regularly to maintain their health.

If your nails break easily, consider using a protective layer to add nutrients back to your nails. Don’t cut out your cuticles either! They act as a protective seal that blocks germs and bacteria from going into your fingers. If you’re trying to get rid of hangnails, don’t yank it out forcefully because it will hurt and they will bleed. Instead, use nail clippers to trim the hangnails as close to the base of your fingernails as possible and bandage your fingers.

3) Adopt Good Habits

Keep your hands dry, moisturized and clean. Use a soft toothbrush or nail scrubber to lightly scrub your nails weekly with hand soap. If you’re performing chores around the house, wear gloves whenever you must handle bleach or other harsh cleaning products. To avoid further nail damage, moisturize your hands, fingernails, and cuticles after disinfecting your nails regularly.

4) Ditch the Bad Habits

This may seem like common sense, but it’s good to remind yourself to not bite your nails. Avoid leaving dirt on your nails and try to give your nails a break regularly. Don’t bite your nails if you can help it either! Long story short, avoid being too harsh on your nails as they are more fragile than they look.

Man biting his nails.

5) Paint Your Nails the Right Way

If you are planning on painting your nails, use both a base coat and a top coat. A base coat helps restore the health of your nails while a top coat stops the nail polish from chipping away quickly. If your nail polish begins to chip, practice removing your nail polish immediately. If you are noticing that your nails are starting to turn yellow, make sure to give your nails a week’s worth of a break and wait until your nails begin to show signs of good health again.

If you are going to allow someone else to paint your nails, make sure they are a professional. Look for certified nail salons as this means that you can rest easy knowing your nails are also being professionally cleaned.

Woman receiving professional manicure.

Taking care of your nails is a way to prioritize your health, in addition to looking good! Be the first to check out these web-exclusive nail care products at Shop LC.

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