“We can pay the doctor to treat our illness, but for their compassion, we remain in debt.”

– Unknown

According to surveys from 2012 to 2018, physicians saw an average of 20.2 patients per day. They diagnose health problems, prescribe medicines, plan treatment, carry out complex surgery, ensure after treatment care – and save lives in the process. Therefore, to express appreciation and acknowledge their commitment and contribution towards our society, National Doctors’ Day is celebrated every year on March 30th in the United States.

What is National Doctors’ Day?

National Doctor’s Day is a day that honors physicians for the hard work they do for their patients, their sacrifices and their commitment towards humanity throughout the world. March 30th, 1990 was the first official National Doctors’ Day observed in the United States.

History of National Doctors’ Day

In the early 1990s, President George Bush signed into law National Doctors’ Day as an officially observed holiday. However, the history of Doctors’ Day actually goes back to the early 1930s.

The idea of Doctors’ Day came from Eudora Brown Almond, a physician’s wife in Georgia. She chose March 30 as the day to celebrate Doctors’ Day, as it was the same day surgical anesthesia was first administered to a patient. On March 30, 1842, in Jefferson, Georgia, Dr. Crawford Long used anesthesia to painlessly treat a patient.

What Do I Buy a Doctor?

Whether it’s for National Doctors’ Day, their graduation day from medical school, or you just want to say thank you, finding the right gift for a doctor is a tough task. You might be searching for something to refine their appearance and add bling to their jewelry collection. Or, you want to present a functional gift that adds practical value. Alternatively, you might want to make them feel cheerful after a difficult experience. No matter what you have in mind, this list of top gifts for doctors will help you select the right present for the doctor in your life.

A Mighty Pen

Rose gold and sterling silver ballpoint pen in gift box.

Doctors like practical gifts. Despite having electronic medical records, they still have to take notes, write prescriptions, and sign reports. Therefore, a pen is an ideal gift for the doctor in your life. Even doctors always say, “We can never have too many pens.”

Water Bottle

Glass and steel water bottle with obsidian crystal.

Whether they’re rushing to the clinic or working in the operation theater for long hours, water bottles are a must for staying hydrated during a long shift.

Timeless Classics

Brown sunglasses and coordinating watch set.

Sometimes, a doctor wants to look fashionable, and the right pair of sunglasses and watch can make a real style statement. Like a favorite t-shirt, a pair of sunglasses or a is something they can wear anytime.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver stud earrings with aquamarine gemstones.

The antibacterial activity of silver makes it an ideal choice for the healthcare industry. And that’s why sterling silver jewelry is a natural preference of doctors. They also love minimalist jewelry for it simplicity, as it’s not likely to catch or snag at critical times. This variety of jewelry is perfect for adding grace and sophistication their appearance as well!

Travel Blanket

Blue throw blanket draped on beige couch.

Whether it’s winter or the rainy season, an important duty call is enough to make a doctor rush to the hospital. In such situations, a travel blanket or throw can be an ideal companion. They will keep him cozy and comfortable anytime and everywhere they might need to take a break and catch a nap.

Carry All Tote

Plaid tote bag with faux leather accents.

Is the doctor in your life frequently on calls? Then a tote bag is perfect for making them happy. With a spacious interior and extra pockets to hold all their necessities, a tote bag is an ideal choice to add convenience to their daily routine.


No matter the occasion, finding a perfect gift for the doctor in your life will make them feel special. Just be sure that the gift item matches their personality, and they will cherish your gift for years to come. What are you giving the doctors in your life?

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