It’s 7 p.m., and you’re getting ready for a night out with friends. You have on a dress that fits perfectly and the shoes to match. You have no idea what necklace to wear, and your best friend isn’t answering any of your texts. Don’t freak out because we are here to solve all your necklace needs with our guide to necklace styles for different necklines!

Our ever-growing necklace collection has inspired us to help you choose the right necklace for any neckline. Since your BFF is currently MIA, look at our cheat sheet on pairing necklaces and necklines below for our recommendations!

What necklace should you wear with a collared shirt?

A button-up shirt is a fundamental piece of clothing for any workweek. Adding the right necklace will give it that feminine appeal, but how do you know which type of necklace works the best with this neckline? Is it supposed to fall inside the collar or go around it? Can you only wear short necklaces, or can long beads go over the shirt? What about custom necklaces? These are all valid questions! Our necklaces and necklines guide will help!

Collar or bib necklaces for collared shirts

View of collar necklace.

Yes, we realize this might sound a bit redundant, but bib and collared necklaces look polished with fully buttoned shirts. The necklace can be looped around the collar so it will peek out the front. If you don’t like your shirts fully buttoned, a collar necklace still looks stunning when tucked inside the shirt. This also tones down its bold appearance if you’re looking to be less daring.

Closeup of woman wearing black bib necklace

If you are in the mood look to sassy for any occasion pairing your collared shirt with a choker necklace will do just that! Whether it is a bold and broad choker or a slender lacy one, the piece is sure to draw attention.

Short, layered necklaces for collared shirts

Selection of layered necklaces.

Breathe new life into your everyday work shirt by layering short necklaces inside or outside the collar. Beaded neckwear is ideal for this choice because they are easy to layer and you can customize them for any outfit!

Faux Necklace for Collared Shirts

Closeup of faux necklace on denim top

Collared shirts give you the perfect opportunity to use dazzling brooches for a necklace look. You can use a statement brooch front and center of the button-up collar or pin the lapels of your collar with dramatic chain brooches.

What necklace should you wear with a V-neck neckline?

This neckline tends to show a bit of skin, which means you have room to get creative! You don’t want to draw attention to the wrong thing, so make sure your necklace falls above the neckline or well below it. Neckwear in the shape of a “V” compliments this neckline and appears more flattering.

Pearls and colorful beads for v-necks

Woman wearing pearl and bead necklaces.

You can effortlessly class up a normal shirt with beautiful pearl necklaces and a slimming blazer. And because the neckline is deeper than most, you can add layers of more pearls. Keep the attention on your face by adding color to your neckline with bright beads. They are fun and can turn your shirt from drab to fab in seconds.

Pendants for v-necks

Dresses with V-necks look terrific with a delicate pendant. A single stone necklace will give you an elegant look. To keep your pendant from awkwardly hanging, be sure to have a chain that drapes above the neckline.

Statement necklaces for v-necks

Brown and black statement necklace.

A chunky, multi-stone statement necklace such as this one looks striking when it hugs the neck. Don’t be afraid to go bold with size and color. This type of necklace is perfect for simple black or white tops because it gives your blouse character.


What kind of necklace goes with a one-shoulder top?

Woman wearing necklace paired with over-the-shoulder top.

This neckline is normally used on dresses and shirts that are more formal. It can be challenging to accessorize a one-shoulder dress because it’s asymmetrical. Don’t fret, just follow these simple, easy tips for choosing necklaces for necklines!

Simple necklaces for one-shoulder tops

Simple station necklace in sterling silver.

It may be tempting to dress up this distinctive top with a bold necklace, but we recommend that you resist that urge! Mixing a bold neckline with a flashy necklace can be overkill. Instead, choose a simple necklace that sits high on the neck, so it doesn’t conflict with your top.

Statement Collar Necklace for One-Shoulder Dresses

Woman posing with one-shoulder dress with bib necklace

Flaunt an unforgettable look as you pair your one-shoulder dress with a stiff collar necklace that features a single tone or a sassy metallic shimmer.

What kind of necklace should you wear with a halter top?

To wear a necklace or not to wear a necklace? That is the question. This top is made to give a flattering neckline, so we recommend skipping a necklace this time.

Dramatic earrings with halter tops

Bold statement earrings.

A necklace can take away from the effect of the halter-top, so in this instance, there’s really no need for neckwear. Why are earrings in a guide focused on necklaces and necklines, you ask? Just because you don’t need a necklace, doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize! Dramatic earrings will provide that bling appeal for all you accessory lovers. Drop earrings really compliment this neckline, so be sure to check out our collection. Alternatively, for a more compact look with a tied-up hair-do, you can always opt for bold stud earrings.

Which necklaces should you wear with a crew top?

Short necklace paired with crew top.

This neckline is very similar to the collared shirt mentioned earlier. Despite the limited amount of skin showing on this neckline, the amount of neckwear options is limitless!

Chokers for crew tops

Broad, bold chokers are very popular for this shirt. They are worn close to the neck and are very versatile. Make your outfit even more chic by incorporating large beads and metal pieces.

Statement pieces for crew tops

Large statement necklace worn with conservative neckline.

Just because your neckline is conservative doesn’t mean your jewelry has to be! Neckwear with vibrant colors and cool textures bring a touch of attitude to your shirt. Go for large, bold beads to off-set this look.

Long Pendant Necklaces for Crew Top

Woman wearing black tee with long pendant necklace

A distinctive pendant on long chain makes for an elegant partner to your favorite crew top. The sassy movement of tassel pendants is sure to win you compliments wherever you go.

What type of necklace should you wear with a boatneck top?

This type of shirt is also referred to as a bateau neck. It is characteristically wide, with a neckline that runs horizontally from front to back.

Layered necklaces with boatneck tops

Multi-strand layered necklace.

Layering necklaces is always fun, but if you don’t have the time to pick out each piece, it becomes a hassle. Instead of spending time looking for the right pairings, opt for an all-in-one multi-strand necklace like this one. Let your accessories do the work for you!

Bib necklaces with boatneck tops

This necklace takes your accessorizing skills up a notch. The distinctiveness of the necklace adds contrast against the plain horizontal neckline. Pick out bibs with pops of color for a summery feel.

What necklace style should be worn with a scoop neck top?

Woman in scoop top with necklace.

This style has a rounded neckline that dips down. The depth of the scoop can vary, but typically the shape is either a semi-circle or U-shaped. There is a lot of room for accessorizing here!

Statement pieces with scoop necks

Just like the V-neck, this neckline allows a lot of room for options. This is the perfect opportunity to try out a fashion-forward necklace. Mix things up a bit by wearing a favorite necklace with lots of personality.

Layered Necklaces with Scoop Necks

Gold layered necklace with gold beads

A dainty layered necklace adorning your scoop neck tops is just right dose of chic glimmer. Just a quick tip: Make sure the neckpiece is collar length and sits well within the neckline.

Which necklace should you wear with a square neck top?

Necklace with square gem accents.

This neckline is pretty self-explanatory. The square shape frames around the collarbone. It is a popular feature on certain clothes, including fitted shirts, dresses, and tank tops.

Angular pendants for square neck tops

It’s important to harmonize this neckline with an angular necklace. You can get really creative with the layout of such neckwear to customize any look.

Pendants for Square Neck Tops

Closeup of owl pendant necklace

A charming and captivating piece like this owl pendant adds a delicate dazzle perfectly underscored by a square neckline. You can select any charm pendant of your choice to be it your zodiac sign, a heart or a cross pendant for this minimalistic look. Alternatively, you can also feature a layered look with a solitaire stone pendant set!

What kind of necklace should you wear with a strapless top?

Woman in strapless top with pearl necklace.

This top makes the outfit all about the neck and shoulders, so basically, anything goes! Take advantage of this feature by experimenting with various necklace styles.

Chunky Layered Necklaces for Strapless Dresses

woman wearing strapless dress with dramatic necklace

Forming a bold fashion statement, multiple layers of bead and pearl strands resting on your collar bones lets you slay like a star. Need a casual, bohemian chic look? Pair your strapless dress with a waterfall necklace and add a flattering movement to your appeal.

12 to 14-inch necklaces for strapless tops

Because this neckline offers many options, we recommend your neckwear fall around 12 to 14 inches. At this length, the necklace sits perfectly above the neckline. You can go with anything from layers to pendants or bib necklaces to pearls.

It’s essential to choose wisely when it comes to neckwear. The choice and style of the necklace should complement the overall outfit, not just the neckline. With the help of our guide on necklaces and necklines and a little bit of experimenting, you will be able to enhance any outfit! The best part is now you won’t have to send all those selfies to your best friend asking her which one looks better. Be sure to check out our entire jewelry collection if your closet is missing any of the styles we mentioned above!

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