With each passing day, another year is about to fly away! Everyone has had some great and some not so great experiences, lessons, good memories and memorable moments to cherish. With the New Year knocking at the door, I have decided to start it with a better version of myself. A better version that will bring me closer to my goals and make my life a better one to live for many more years to come. Here are five ways that will transform my personality for my benefit.

Written "Think Positive" on a napkin by a coffee cup


Positivity is what keeps you going, even in tough times. An optimistic approach to the daily chores of life helps in leading a constructive life. A positive attitude gives the strength and courage to sail through challenging situations with ease. This attitude towards life decides the results of our actions. If one carries a positive approach, they will find more goodness around and that will help in attaining peace of mind.

Self-confidence on a compass      


A self-confident person always takes steady steps towards success, stays happy and overcomes challenges efficiently. An amalgamation of a strong state of mind, self-belief and a positive approach results in strong self-confidence that adds sheen to our personality. A solid belief in oneself makes us more productive and a go-getter in both personal and professional scenarios.

Man doing yoga by a cliff at sunrise


A healthy life; what does that mean? It’s not just about eating nutritious food and having a healthy diet. Your healthy life also involves feeding the mind and soul. A combination of exercise, meditation and disciplined diet helps in leading a healthy life. When you are physically fit and mentally strong, you can work towards achieving your dream with more zeal and vigor.

Woman jumping with joy and throwing leaves around her family 


The beauty of life lies in spreading joy and happiness around you. Spending time with children, chatting with friends, reading for the grandparents or just sitting with family, anything that gives happiness and satisfaction will reflect the same on people around you. You can give others only what you have and if you have love and cheerfulness, you can share it with them!

Deep into the forest


We can never repay what nature has given us. The only way to give back is to show some gratitude and save Mother Nature from harm. By using eco-friendly means, we can minimize the harm caused to the environment in this hi-tech world.

These resolutions are an attempt to improve my personality as there is always room to do better. What are your thoughts on this, let me know?

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