January is full of new year’s resolutions. Statistically, keeping up with these resolutions tends to wean off as the year goes on. If one of your goals for 2016 is to have a very stylish year, we are here to help! Continue reading to discover how your new year can come with a new wardrobe.

Investment Pieces

Use your holiday money wisely by investing in high-quality pieces of clothing. Buying a whole new wardrobe gets really expensive very quickly, so instead, buy a few investment pieces throughout the year. Not only will you have a closet full of valuable apparel by the end of the year, but they will also last you for years to come.

Some must-have investment pieces include a black or camel coat, patent pumps, ballet flats, a little black dress, a pair of perfectly-fitting denim jeans, a printed cocktail dress, a neutral cardigan and a timeless handbag.

Stay Organized

We all have that blouse or pair of pants that we never wear, but we just can’t seem to part with. Instead of holding on to a bunch of clothes and accessories that you’ll never wear again, do some spring cleaning and donate those items. You’ll have a less cluttered closet, which will give you room for all of your new investment pieces. It will also save you time in the mornings because you’re not having to sift through your closet.

Give Your Clothes Some Love

Even if you have an expensive top made of the finest material, it won’t last very long if you don’t take care of it. Make sure you wash your clothes according to the instructions. Don’t be too lazy and try to skimp on taking anything to the dry cleaners. We guarantee you’ll be really upset that your favorite sweater got ruined in the wash because you didn’t want to run to the cleaners.

Don’t Let Trends Define You, But Still Have Fun

Not every trend is going to look great on you or fit your personal style. Instead of trying to force a trend into your look by buying a bunch of new clothes, just stick with the trends that complement your style. Trends are called trends for a reason. We encourage you to have fun with it if you’re comfortable and it suits you, but don’t get obsessed with the latest if you’d never wear anyways.

We hope your year is full of style and great deals! For the best deals, tune into the LC and it will have your closet looking amazing in no time!


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