How many times have you declared New Year’s resolutions only to give up on your goals by February? This year, focus on being confident, which will naturally push you towards your goals. Here are four reasons why being more self-confident will help you this year.

volunteering Confidence makes you think of resolutions in a new perspective

When you’re more confident, you don’t think of resolutions as a way to “fix” yourself. Instead, you set goals to better your already awesome self. Although dieting and fitness is usually near the top of everyone’s list, remember that there are other goals that can contribute to good health. Instead of focusing on a number or a size, think of goals related to feeling fulfilled and your overall happiness. Surrounding yourself with positive people, volunteering or trying a new activity that you haven’t worked up the courage to try are a few examples.

stay positive It is hard to be negative when you are confident

Staying positive is important. This sounds like advice from a life coach, but it’s the truth. Going into the New Year looking on the bright side will make the task of staying motivated easier. If you only think of the ways you can fail, you’ll forget the reason you’re striving for your goal in the first place, which is to succeed. Focus on the ultimate outcome of your goal and feel confident that you’ll achieve it.

work meeting Confidence allows you to be comfortable in your own skin

Being self-assured enables you to try new things. Speak up at your next meeting when you have a good idea. Try a radical fashion trend that you’ve been too afraid to wear. Sign up for a 5K you coward away from last year. Confidence will help you push yourself.

celebration danceWhen you are confident, you know that you deserve to be rewarded

By this, we mean that you should incentivize your accomplishments. When there’s a trophy at the end of a race, it motivates you to try harder and see the race through. This is applicable with your New Year’s goals. If you worked hard for something, you deserve to be rewarded, even if that means a little celebration dance every time you save a buck to put towards your bank account.

New Year’s resolutions commonly have the stigma of being short-lived. Hopefully this gives you a fresh perspective on how to be successful in 2015 without putting so much pressure on yourself. Confidence is key!

 What’s your plan for the New Year? Tell us in the comments!


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