Nikki Stanzione is the newest host at Shop LC. Join her as she presents some of her favorite new picks and shares the thoughts behind each selection!

As the newest host at Shop LC, I was honored to be asked to share some of my favorite treasures with you, from the vast selection of stunning pieces we offer. I also wanted to provide some insight as to why I made the choices I did, and hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I made many of my selections with all of you in mind, and I invite you to treat yourself to our incomparable deals, as you shop guilt free with gems as unique and dazzling as you are! You will notice a variety of styles from bold to simplistic, along with a combination of sass and class in each option.

Nikki on Hoop Earrings

Let me first begin with my endless love for hoop earrings. A self-proclaimed “Hoopologist” (lol), I can attest to the fact that I have often relied on my hoop earrings to cure a bad hair day. No matter what the season or the reason, the time or place, the decade or the day, whatever region in which you reside, or what fashion trend suits your style, the hoop is a staple jewelry item that I honestly believe is a perfect pick for everyone. I realize there are different styles and sizes that are appropriate for each individual, so I gave you a few choices based on what suits your personal style best. I like having at least one pair that is gem-less and all about the shiny metal alone. I am often known for wearing the larger sizes, but think these stainless steel mesh hoops are a perfect compromise between my typical hula hoop size so you can still have the profound “big hoop” look that shows up but isn’t TOO much. They are large but not too heavy, and still great for all occasions, not to mention super durable in stainless steel. I also wanted to provide hoop options in a couple of my favorite blue gemstones (which also happen to be my birthstones for December), both turquoise and blue zircon. Both earrings are the perfect size hoops for all, and with the inside-out style, you will see the gems and these popping vibrant blue colors (and sparkle, in the case of the blue zircon) from the inside out and every angle.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise for Any Occasion

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring

In addition to hoops in Sleeping Beauty turquoise, I wanted everyone to have some simple solitaire pieces, as well as a bold ring and tennis bracelet, to showcase this vibrant sought after stone. Having lived in the southwest for many years, this stone is close to my heart, and I love that we can offer such high-quality choices at such affordable prices.

As much as I love my hoops, I can’t leave out my other favorite staples, and I know I’m not alone. Studs, tennis bracelets, solitaire rings, eternity bands and simple stone pendants, in brilliant sparkling stones, like our diamond simulants, for example, are classic and elegant must-haves. I hope you love these diamond alternatives as much as I do, as they achieve the razzle dazzle pizazz factor but without astronomical prices. I also wanted to provide you with the look of actual diamonds, just in case you’re ready to take that step and treat yourself, or one you love, to a girl’s best forever friend.

Pink Gemstones to Bring Out Your Inner Queen

I believe we never outgrow the desire to feel like a queen or a princess in our jewels and wearing pink gems always elicits those feelings for me. Youthful, yet sophisticated, the pink sapphire (which also happens to be the birthstone for my own little princess- my 4yr old niece) is decadent and delightful. The color is luscious, and the sparkle is royal. I love everything from solitaires to cocktail style, as well as elongated rings (which are are slimming and flattering on the hand). Therefore, I chose those options in a few of my favorite pink gemstones, which includes the vibrant orchid quartz and the subtle and feminine lavender tones you can only find in the beauty of kunzite. I also had to be sure to bring you at least one choice in the greatest symbol of love – the heart of course, and I hope you love it too!

Moonstone and Drusy: Magical Gems for New Adventures

And now to the magical gems, which I own in abundance and wear with pride: moonstone and drusy quartz. Moonstone mesmerizes with the phenomenal trait of adularescence, which contains the inclusions that appear as moonbeams inside the stone, also known as the shimmering sheen. I could literally stare at the stone and get lost in thought and find a dreamlike escape from reality, just as I do when staring at the moon in a beautiful night sky. When I travel or start a new journey or adventure, I find myself drawn to wearing moonstone and find it’s lore to be perfectly apropos. It is said to be a calming, healing stone associated with love and good spirit within. I believe the choices I selected in moonstone are awe-inspiring, and truly showcase the magic of this all natural untreated stone.

Finally, there’s drusy. The stone with the essence of glittery fairy dust sprinkled inside a rock that took millions of years to sparkle as it does. The pendant is so profound, and everyone deserves to own a statement necklace that includes a little magic. And the ring; where do I begin? From our incredible Bali Legacy Collection, these pieces are truly wearable art that I consider masterpieces in their own right. When you see all the skilled artisan work and craftsmanship, you can’t help but be impressed. Then add drusy, and you can’t compete with the look. Timeless, original, unique, artistic, and fashion forward; these items have it all.

I hope you enjoy my selections and wear each piece you purchase with a smile. Thank you for letting me share my favorites with you and I look forward to your feedback!

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