Christmas is near, and that means that now is the season for Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, family get-togethers, and, not to be forgotten, ugly Christmas sweaters! If you were to go back in time to twenty years ago, ugly Christmas sweaters would be nothing more than how you refer to the sweaters your aunts and uncles showed up wearing on Christmas.

Little did you know that this would make a big comeback and become a part of mainstream holiday tradition. In fact, this trend has become so popular that now there’s even a National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on the third Friday of December!

Have you been invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party and want to make sure your sweater is the ugliest of them all? Here are some tips for accessorizing and creating your own ugliest of the ugly Christmas sweaters of all time.

Modern and Classic Trimmings

When the dress code calls for “ugly,” transform your look by adding trim to your sweater. A sparkly collar necklace would draw attention away from the sweater’s ugly motif and up to your face instead. Big and bold statement necklaces with ornate details will jazz up a Christmas sweater and make an impression! This crystal collar necklace is a classic piece of jewelry that’ll bring attention to your neckline and create a one-of-a-kind look.

Step Out in Style with Fancy Footwear

Wow your friends and family by stepping out in your favorite footwear. Wearing sparkly heels, classic stilettos or boots will make you stand out in the right way. Black boots paired with skinny jeans will make your sweater look stylish. Crystal-embellished heels will divert the attention from the ugly sweater and give your overall appearance a bold boost.

Golden heels

Jingle Belt, Jingle Belt, Jingle All the Way

Ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t known to be form-fitting. Adding a belt to your sweater will instantly make you look more stylish and give you a perfect silhouette. Instead of buttoning up your Christmas cardigans, wear a plain top or shirt underneath it and buckle up your outfit with a belt around your waist. This will make your outfit look rich, layered and quite unique. Shop LC offers an impressive range of belts in various colors that’ll give you that diva-like presence you deserve.

Skirts Aren’t Just for the Christmas Tree

Reinvent your look this Christmas by pairing your ugly sweater with a flared skirt and make a striking style statement that’s sure to dazzle. Individually, sweaters and skirts are both closet staples, but when combined, the two are unstoppable as the perfect season-to-season transitional pairing. You can even upgrade your pairing with a knit skirt, tights, scarf and booties for an effortless look.

Ear Ornaments

Rock the Christmas party by accessorizing your earlobes with a classy pair of statement earrings.  Pairing earrings with ugly sweater have the same effect as wearing a statement necklace. Big and bold earrings look fun and are one of this year’s biggest fashion trends. Get ready for bigger, better and more glam than ever with flashy oversized statement jewelry. These tassel earrings add the right amount of bling without the hassle

Blue earrings

This holiday season there is no reason that you can’t show up to the ugly Christmas sweater party. Look trendier than ever by following these suggestions and make even the ugliest sweaters work for you. If you want to discover even more stylish accessories and bling to trim your sweater, check out our Gift Guide!

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