Are You Ready to Celebrate with the Chris-Mask-Tree?

Shop LC is reminding us to all stay safe and healthy this holiday season with a fun and quirky holiday video about mask wearing.

“Our creative teams are some of the best I’ve worked with,” says Amit Agarwal, Shop LC President. “Every month, they have a new video to share with our employees at our monthly Town Hall. “O Chris-Mask-Tree” was so fun, we wanted to share it with others!”

“O Chris-Mask-Tree” adds a touch of holiday mirth by parodying a holiday classic. And, as we move into the holiday season, wearing a mask is vitally important as many states begin to see new cases of COVID-19 surging.

“New information from the Center for Disease Control is emphasizing the importance of mask wearing,” explains Michelle Long, Director of Communication & Corporate Social Responsibility, Shop LC. “Before, we understood that mask wearing helped protect others. Now, we are learning that wearing a mask also protects ourselves. We hope that our video helps remind others that wearing a mask is a great way to spread goodwill, and not germs.”

Learn about Shop LC mask donations all across the United States.

Shop LC also offers a range of face masks and accessories.

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