Over the last year, a team of employees has been working hard behind the scenes to expand the message of our One for One program.

Our One for One began in 2015, after Shop LC leadership attended a World of Business Ideas event in New York. They were inspired by many of the presentations. Our team loved the concept of a one-for-one meal program and our One for One program was born.

Beginning with our parent company and primary manufacturer, One for One came to Shop LC in 2017.

Our One for One meal program has served us well. It is the foundation of our Purpose of Delivering Joy. Every piece we sell provides a meal for child in need. It is so amazing that in only six years, we have provided over 47 million meals to children around the world! Even more amazing is that it equals over 53,000 meals every day! 53,000 children receiving meals. Wow!

While we were doing a great job feeding children, there was something missing. We noticed it was not just about helping prevent hunger, but about creating the opportunity for big changes in children’s lives.  As a result of our efforts and dedication, we noticed kids changing. Every child is prospering day-after-day with education that is free from hunger.

With a larger story to tell, we set off to create a message that encompassed our One for One program, but also paved way to tell the more personal stories and to really connect to kids. 

Our mission is to not only provide a meal, but to help to build futures and change lives. Our new program needed to promote hope, dreams, an education and a means to an end of generational poverty. We realized that our One for One program was doing more than providing meals; it is feeds the hearts, minds and futures of thousands of kids. 

Your Purchase Feeds continues to provide a meal with every purchase. It also creates a path to recognize the kids we are helping see life changing results and more promising futures. Your Purchase Feeds gives us the opportunity to recognize the success of these children and share their stories. Your Purchase Feeds is more than a meal, it feeds the minds, hearts, and futures of children around the world. 

Learn more about Your Purchase Feeds.

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