Have you ever bid on an auction? There’s a thrill to it not quite like anything else! Shop LC makes it simple, fun and easy to bid on our Online Auctions.

What are Online Auctions?

Online auctions are a traditional auction format. Our auctions all start at $1, and while the auction is live, anyone can bid. When the timer runs down, the highest bidder wins the item! As there are no reserves, if you win – you win! There’s no preset target price on the backend keeping you from fantastic savings.

What Can I Bid On?

Shop LC offers thousands of fun and exciting items through our Online Auctions! Featuring popular jewelry items, fashion accessories, and more, you’ll quickly find that there’s something for every taste. We’re adding hundreds of new items daily, ensuring that incredible opportunities await each and every visit.

Introducing Premium and Luxury Auctions

Besides the familiar favorites you’ll find on television, we also offer enticing exclusive auction pieces. The only way to find them is by becoming a participant, so keep your eyes peeled for exclusive Premium and Luxury Auctions. Featuring products that would air at prices of $39.99 and $99.99 respectively, they represent excellent opportunities to save!

How Do I Bid?

Bidding is simple. Just register or log in to your account, and select the auction you want to bid on. Either bid manually, placing a bid of your choice, or use the auto-bid feature. Auto-bid will place bids on your behalf up to a pre-determined amount anytime you aren’t the high bidder. Can it get any easier?

How Do I Know I’ve Won?

We make the process seamless and convenient! When an auction concludes, participants receive an email. If you’ve won, you’ll be notified with guidance on how to pay. There’s no stress to constantly watch your active auctions, ever!

When Do I Pay?

There’s never any risk to being charged when you bid. Bidding is free with Online Auctions. With that said, it’s expected that you’ll pay for any auctions that you win. It keeps things fair for everyone who wants to participate in this fast paced and exciting pastime!

Depending on the auction start time, you will have up to 60 hours to complete your payment. Follow the guidelines in your notification email or through your auction manager under your account details.

Introducing Auto Pay

Auto Pay is now available to registered customers! Sign up for Auto Pay through your account details and never miss your payment deadlines. Simply keep a valid payment method on file and let your auctions be processed automatically. Not only that, but Auto Pay users receive exclusive discounts and offers not available to other customers.


Now that you’re armed with the basics visit our Online Auctions and start your bidding adventure today! Have fun with the intuitive features that make winning a breeze. Since every auction starts at $1, there are endless opportunities to save every day!

Visit Auction & Bidding Help for detailed information.

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