What We Love About Online Auctions

| You already know how to Bid, Win, and Save with Online Auctions, so what’s next? Explore the options available with Shop LC as you bid on luxury auctions, birthstone auctions, and more! Let us spoil you for choice as you explore these exciting opportunities.

What are Luxury Auctions?

Woman celebrating an online auction win.
Shop LC shoppers already know that low cost is available daily. However, this extends to online auctions as well! Luxury auctions feature genuine gemstones such as turquoise, tanzanite and Burmese jade, set in metals including sterling silver, gold, and even platinum! Bursting with style, these luxury options are your limited time opportunity to own incredible designer-inspired styles before they’re gone forever. Luxury auctions exist for those who demand genuine gems in precious metals, and nothing less!

Do Auctions have Free Shipping?

Shop LC offers a variety of shipping options to suit every need. Featuring some of the lowest shipping prices around, it gets even better. Select listings feature free shipping on auctions! This curated selection of products is an excellent way to save while building an existing jewelry and accessory collection, or starting a new one. Standard online auctions will have our inexpensive daily shipping instead. And for those who love to shop, try value bundle shipping to stretch your dollar even further!

How Do I Shop by Time?

Senior woman winning an online auction.
The Shop by Time auction category is one of the fiercest and most exciting ways to bid small and win big. These auctions are those ending the soonest, ranging from those finishing in 10 minutes to auctions that expire in six hours. If you prefer to participate in bidding actively, you’re home! Choose Shop by Time as you compete in real time against other Shop LC customers to secure some of the best deals available site wide.

What are Trending Auctions?

Every day hundreds of new items come to Shop LC. Whether for a special event, new gemstone launch, or a rare restock, these products are in high demand. Trending auctions capture this excitement by featuring a selection of products from these recent events and shows. It’s a great option to consider, as it often represents a final opportunity to own magnificent pieces from designers such as Giuseppe Perez, or highly coveted gemstones such as Burmese ruby. With limited availability, trending auctions are a daily must visit!

What are Birthstone Auctions?

Young woman winning online auction on mobile phone.
Highlighting the birthstones for every month of the year, birthstone auctions are a great opportunity for savvy shoppers to buy birthstone jewelry for a song. These online auctions are perfect for anyone who loves to express themselves by displaying their special birthstone. Or, they make great personalized gifts for jewelry lovers of every stripe.

Got questions? Check out the Online Auctions FAQ for answers or reach out to our Customer Service team 24/7/365!

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