Orange is the color of joy, happiness, curiosity, and wisdom. With the color of a rising sun, a fresh orange, or glorious marigold; orange lifts our spirits.
There are many gemstones with this energizing color that refresh the mind and soul. Read along and learn which gems can help revive.

For informational purposes only. These remedies, approaches, and techniques are not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat any ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.

Spessartine Garnet

Spessartine garnet ring with vermeil finish.

This variety of garnet shows yellowish-orange to red-orange hues. The jewel is said to help depression and prevent bad dreams. Garnet is said to have a positive effect on the first and second chakras. A symbol of purity and love, its fiery color spurs imagination and directly energizes the body.

Orange Sapphire

Orange sapphire bypass ring in sterling silver.

Believed to be blessed with healing powers orange sapphire displays vivid light orange to dark orange hues. Helpful in growing friendship, sapphire is also known for improving the mind. The gem is believed to bring out deep emotions. Some say it grows faith. It is even thought to rebuild happiness and joy.

Hessonite Garnet

Hessonite garnet pendant resting on gray stone.

We admire this gem for its warm cinnamon hues. The jewel is said to lend mental relief to its owner. It is thought to help release negativity, emotional, and spiritual burdens. Gem therapists believe hessonite garnet brings clarity, wisdom, and confidence.

Fire Opal

Faceted fire opal beads in hombre style.

Widely considered an excellent gemstone for business. It is thought that keeping a fire opal smoothes the flow of finances and progress. This fiery jewel is also said to replenish the mind and body. Gem therapists say it has a positive effect on emotions and encourages action.

Imperial Topaz

Gold men's ring featuring imperial topaz.

This stone is known as the stone of good fortune and is said to have divine properties. Imperial topaz is considered to bring mental strength, clear thinking, and kindness. Gem therapists think it to be a great spiritual healer, helping us defeat limitations.


Orange citrine stud earrings with prong setting.

Believers say that citrine energizes life at all levels. It is said to attract prosperity and enthusiasm. The jewel is known by some to motivate, enhance attention, and release sadness. Citrine is said to replenish the mind and heal the soul. Gem therapists tell us that citrine helps us express ourselves and provides spiritual comfort.

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