Pancake Day has arrived, and I am so thrilled. It is one of my favorite days as I can eat as many pancakes I want. As a kid, I and my siblings used to compete with each other as who can eat more, and being a big foodie, I always won the competition. Not only do I love binging on pancakes, but I also enjoy the process of preparing them. The fluffy batter, exotic toppings and tempting smell are just so amazing.

My grandmother taught me an interesting association of pancakes with life. The four essential ingredients of a pancake stand for the four virtues: an egg for creation, flour for the staff of life, salt for wholesomeness, and milk for purity.

Have a look at these pancake variations to make your celebrations special.

Let's make pancakes!

Chocolate Pancakes

These yummy chocolate pancakes are going to be your kids’ favorite if they love chocolate. It’s also an excellent dessert for Sunday brunches or even breakfast for dinner when friends are coming over. Your guests will never get enough of these delicious flapjacks.

Banana Cornbread Pancakes

These delicious pancakes are a classic twist on this traditional recipe. With banana and cornmeal, these pancakes make a delicious meal with better nutrition. It’s an excellent option for breakfast for your kids.

Chocolate Lava Pancakes

Treat your taste buds with these rich and delicious chocolate lava pancakes that make a great treat on any occasion. Whether it’s a family birthday or a get-together, these pancakes will garner you the tag of best cook.

Scotch Pancakes with Caramelized Bananas

Make your celebrations special with these yummy pancakes enriched with scotch and caramelized bananas. Food lover or not, we bet you can’t stop yourself from indulging in these delicious hotcakes.


So, which one are you trying first? Do you have your own exciting recipe? Tell us in the comments below!

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