Who said pearls were just for formal events?

Pearls are making a comeback this season as they are timeless, elegant, and perfect for formal events. However, many people still struggle with wearing pearls in a casual, everyday setting. Lucky for you, Shop LC offers some exclusive pearls that are perfect for every occasion.


Choosing Formal Pearl Jewelry

Traditional Pearl Necklace

For all formal events, you need something that complements your stunning outfit without taking too much attention away. Pearls are perfect for that, as they are sophisticated statement pieces, but the uniform shape makes the piece not very distracting at all. The pearl necklace is classic and fits every event and almost every outfit.


Lounging with Casual Pearl Jewelry

Multi-colored Pearl Studs Earrings

If you need an easy pick-me-up on a lazy day, studs or rings are the way to go. The lighter and daintier the jewelry, the less you “feel” as you go about your day. However, the extra small detail makes the extra mile as you rock your pajamas.

For stud earrings, grabbing a pack of multi-colored pearls is a great investment. Studs are subtle and small, so they match with pajamas and more done-up outfits. Wearing pearls is so minimalistic, simple yet beautiful, and the multiple colors mean that you can match with any pajama set. Pearl studs are lightweight so you won’t feel it as you go about your day.

Pearl ring with engraved band

Don’t have ear piercings? No worries. A simplistic ring like this is a very quick way to jazz up your outfit. Unlike necklaces or bracelets, pearl rings will not get in your way as it won’t get caught in things. Grabbing some monochromatic ring also means that it would match well with any outfit effortlessly. Plus, the dark pearl is casual so it won’t look like you are trying too hard to revamp your look.


Professional Pearl Jewelry

As we all know, first impressions are everything in the corp[orate world. In an office setting, you need to look professional yet approachable. That way, you build respect in the office without looking too intimidating. Therefore, going for pearls is an elegant option.

Long Necklace with Different Colored Pearls

Try choosing long necklaces with a simple yet quirky element to spice up your outfit. A necklace with both warm and cool toned elements means that the necklace would pair well with a larger variety of outfits. The off-white pearls also reflect a sense of youthfulness and playfulness, while the white pearls still draw a sense of professionalism you need in an office.

Golden Pearls Drop Earrings

Need something more mature? Try going for a small pair of drop earrings for another way to make your outfit more elegant and professional. The golden detailing paired with the golden pearl evoke a sense of maturity within your outfit. However, the white topaz adds a subtle bling to the earrings, adding more drama to the ears without it drawing away attention from your outfit.


Pearls for a Girl’s Night Out

When you are out with your girls, you can experiment with different looks. Your girls will understand your fashion itch and appreciate you trying to step out of your comfort zone. Therefore, you can try more eccentric pieces.

Pearl Necklace with 3 Stacked Pearls

New to the fashion scene? That is A-OK, as you can try to find necklaces that stack both warm and cool tones together like this necklace. The stacked pearls effect make a unique combination of colors creates an edgier look, as the black pearl offsets the white pearl. Plus, the darker pearl would be perfect for bar crawls as it adds a sense of mystery to your outfit.

Dragonfly shaped Pearl Necklace

Ready for something bolder? Try dramatic pieces just like this dragonfly pearl necklace. Since animal-shaped necklace is another major fashion trend this season, this piece is a great way to spin a runway look to a sidewalk look. The use of different gemstones adds color to this necklace, thus adding some subtle colors to your outfit. However, the gold chain and detailing make this piece very feminine, since it would match with the pinks and beiges in your closet. The extra glimmer from the smaller gemstones adds sophistication to the piece, which would be perfect for a girl’s night outing.


Date Night Pearl Options

Date night means it is time to experiment with more feminine and dainty jewelry. Try going for something extremely delicate, as it would be a great statement piece without being too loud with your fashion choices.

Long Dangling Pearl Earrings with Butterflies

For the girls who are looking for a flirtier look, a dangle earring is a playful way to add some movement to your outfit. Try going for a pink-and-purple ensemble, just like this earring, to add a fluttery flirty look to the outfit. The small pink butterfly adds a feminine detail to the earrings, transforming you into a girly girl. Plus, the butterfly incorporates one of the biggest jewelry trends, so extra brownie points to the dates who notice the small details! The golden pearl looks peachy pink and the color pairs well with the pink butterfly that looks perfect for your outfit.

Chunky Metal Bracelet with 2 pearls

Looking for something a little bit edgier for your date? Try going for the metallic bangles instead. The simple design of metallic bangles paired with the soft pearls means that you would toughen up any delicate outfits, or soften up any bold outfits. This creates a balance in your outfit, making it a fun outfit. For example, this bracelet pairs white and purple pearls together; this is another interpretation of the feminine touch you will need for your outfit. However, the chunky silver chain offsets the pearls, as they are edgy enough while letting your pearls shine.

If you want to add more pearls to your collection, be sure to check out Shop LC’s exclusive pearl jewelry available only online!

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