Are you looking for personalized jewelry? Discover the brand-new collection, Personalized: Uniquely Yours, from Shop LC. With selections starting at just $9.99 and free engraving, it will be your new go-to choice for customized jewelry.

Personalized jewelry is one of the biggest jewelry trends of 2020, and it remains strong. Every Personalized: Uniquely Yours jewelry item uses precision laser engraving to create unique one-of-a-kind gifts. You already know prices start at just ten bucks, and your inscription is free, so what else is there to know?

This customizable jewelry collection features popular options like engraved rings and inscribed bracelets, but it also includes choices like pendants and necklaces. Find affordable choices in stainless steel and sterling silver. And, expect to see finishes like platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Furthermore, select options are available with your choice of birthstone. Whether you’re celebrating a brand new life joining your family, or her “twentieth” birthday, there’s truly something for everyone.

Even better? Shop LC wants you to be absolutely satisfied with your personalized jewelry selection. Returns are free, and shipping only takes up to 15 days. This is what Delivering Joy means to us at Shop LC.



Sterling silver amethyst ring with heart shaped amethyst and inscription.

A ring is more than just a ring when it’s a one-of-a-kind symbol of your love. With styles for both him and her to choose from, add free custom engraving to create a timeless gift that will be cherished forever.


Gold heart pendant with initial and ruby birthstone accent.

Keep a message close to their heart with personalized necklaces and pendants. Unsure of their ring or wrist size? A necklace or pendant is the best way to to go. It’s the perfect gift to show how much you care!


Bracelet inscribed with 'Love your to the moon and back'.

Customized bracelets look beautiful when engraved, whether in silver, gold, or rose gold. Perfect for longer messages, custom bracelets can delight, surprise, and even comfort a loved one.


So, you are ready to take the plunge! But, where do you start? Choosing a piece of engraved jewelry is a personal expression, and you want it to feel meaningful. Luckily, we caught up with Suraj Prasad, General Manager Merchandising Shop LC. He gave some great insight into what shoppers are choosing.


Stainless steel bar pendant inscribed with name.

“Personalized jewelry is quickly becoming one of our most popular categories,” says Suraj. “Maybe more so than ever, people are appreciating the importance of meaningful and unique gifts.”

“While wearing your own initials or name remain the most popular choice, we’re also seeing consumers opt for the names of loved ones; especially children and grandchildren – even pets!”


Gold bracelet with inscribed motto.

Besides engraving our names or using the initials of loved ones, there are some other options to consider. For example, a popular choice is a motto or affirmation. If you’ve been considering your New Year’s resolution, inscribing it onto a bracelet is a great way to carry that reminder with you throughout the year.


Another choice is birthstone personalized jewelry. Many of the of the options in the Personalized: Uniquely Yours collection feature the most popular birthstone choices! Simply add the name or message of your choice, and you’re set!


Rose gold baby foot pendant with engraving.

It’s never too early to shop for mom, either. Personalized jewelry for mom remains a good choice. You can always opt for an initial necklace, but you could also gift her a ring with a special message, or a pendant with the family’s names engraved. With so many options, you can easily tailor the choice to suit her.


Engraved men's signet ring in sterling silver.

Men have plenty to look forward to as well. When most of us think about men’s personalized jewelry, we probably picture an elegant signet ring. You will find those in this collection! If rings aren’t his thing, there are other bold, masculine options to consider, such as a customized dog tag pendant.

Personalized jewelry has never really gone out of style. We may have seen a surge of interest during 2020, as people treat themselves during a hectic year, but it’s also here to stay. Personalized: Uniquely Yours is your affordable and unique way of expressing yourself, or giving great, meaningful gifts!

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