Pretty in Pink Sapphire

We all know that sapphire is blue. And, for many, it’s the definitive blue gem. However, would you be surprised to learn that this jewel comes in an amazing array of color? Pink is just one of these surprising hues! Pink sapphire can range from hot pink to bubblegum pink. No matter how you slice it, there really is something for everyone who loves pink!

And as fall, well, falls around us, we’re looking for happy colors to carry that summer spark into cooler times ahead. Pink looks pleasantly at home alongside autumn staples like gray and off-white. Not to mention, but it definitely pops against deeper azure tones like navy or royal blue.

The Meaning of Pink Sapphire

Sapphire symbolizes faith, loyalty, and friendship. Pink sapphire goes a step further, and represents joy and love. However, this isn’t just romantic love we’re talking about. It can also be the love between friends, or the love between family. A gift of pink sapphire jewelry celebrates the bonds between us, and the joy that they bring to our lives.

For the Princess

Princess cut pink sapphire ring in 18K yellow gold.

Few things feel more feminine than a dainty gold ring. This pink sapphire ring keeps it minimal, letting its 18K yellow gold setting and solitaire stone shine! A princess cut pink sapphire is the perfect gift for a September baby. Also, it makes a great pink sapphire engagement ring.

Cosmic Cosmos

Pink sapphire necklace in floral design.

Pretty pastel petals bloom in this pink sapphire necklace. Evoking the timeless cosmos flower, this pendant captures the same spirit of harmony. Zircon accents add starry sparkle for a truly evocative jewelry option.

Sizzling Studs

Pink sapphire stud earrings in sterling silver.

With so many options available, choosing a pair of earrings can be tough. That’s where these pink sapphire earrings shine. A good pair of studs is something you’ll wear over and over. Go from an understated casual look to your next night on the town with these chic curios!

Pink on Pink

Rose gold pink sapphire band ring.

Sometimes less is more. But, sometimes more is more! Double down on playful pink and pop with this rose gold pink sapphire ring. Slender oval stones are channel set for an elegant look. Diamond accents create a sense of timelessness that make this ring a modern classic.

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