What Should I Pack in My Pool Bag?

A summer day is a day well-spent when you’re idling by the pool and enjoying the heat. The feeling of cold water on your toes while relaxing in the sunshine is a classic summer favorite. Whether lounging beachside or relaxing by the lake, or even a friend’s pool, it’s essential to prepare! Packing a few essentials in your pool bag will help you look great and maximize your fun.

It’s advisable to keep your essentials ready-to-go during this sunny season. Maintaining a prepared pool bag is a great idea. Here’s a little collection of must-have items for hitting the pool on a sunny day.

Know Where Your Towel Is

A rolled up blue and white pool towel.

A towel might seem like an obvious choice, and perhaps it is! You don’t want to forget one. Store fresh and clean towels in your pool bag. And make sure they’re the right size. Pool towels are designed to provide a larger area than a standard bath towel. A towel bag is a significant consideration, as it pulls double duty, transitioning from a towel to a bag as needed.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

A woman applies sunscreen.

A good sunscreen is essential! Be sure to apply your sunscreen before leaving home, as it gives time for the protection to absorb in your skin. Bring extra in your bag and reapply as needed. Proper SPF protection is critical. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends an SPF 30, but consult with your doctor for what’s best for you.

Be Sure to Cover Up

Two friends with covered bathing suits.

When you’re walking from the pool to relax on a pool chair in the sun, a swimwear cover-up is essential. A floral print beach cover adds the perfect dose of glam to rock a fun poolside look this summer. Or consider a trendy kimono or sarong and arrive in style!

Rock a Cool Pair of Shades

A woman smiling in sunglasses.

When the sun is hot and shining, a good pair of sunnies is necessary! They are essential when planning a day at the pool. Go for a piece that’s colorful and stylish for having fun in the sun. Check out our guide for choosing the best sunglasses for your face.

The Big Floppy Hat

A woman in a floppy hat lounging in the pool.

A floppy hat is a quintessential summer pool accessories. Find the perfect floppy hat that goes well with your swim cover-up and bathing suit. Not only stylish, but a hat also offers extra protection to the sensitive skin around your face and neck!

Keep Your Hair Neat with a Good Comb

Combing wet hair.

Whether you need to rush anywhere straight from the pool or are just planning to relax after, a good comb and detangler go a long way to keeping your hair in great shape. If you have long hair, a few extra hair ties or other hair accessories is a great way to keep your mane tamed.

Stay Hydrated with Plenty of Water

A ice chest with various cold drinks.

Within minutes of getting into the water, the sun is sure to make you thirsty. A cooler bag with some water and other refreshing drinks is your hero! If you bring other beverages, be sure to alternate with water so that your body stays hydrated in the hot weather. And don’t forget to pack a small snack for after your swim! It’s a great way to replenish your energy in-between meals.

Baby Wipes are a Savior

Woman cleaning her face with a baby wipe.

Most any parent can attest; a pack of baby wipes is a fantastic add-on for any outing. Even after children outgrow the product’s intended use, they are ideal for other applications. So, don’t forget to add a pack of wipes to your essentials. Wipes are great for cleaning up messy hands covered in sunscreen other messes that might benefit from a quick clean.

A Good Book

Woman reading by the pool.

Most of us spend hours with our nose stuck in a phone. In bright light, there’s no better time to give yourself a break from screen time. Bring something to read, such as your favorite magazine or a novel. It’s a great way to disconnect from the digital world and live in the moment.

The Pool Bag

A packed pool bag.

How can we forget the pool bag? It’s the most important item on your list. When you have plenty to carry, you need a cute and spacious travel bag. Consider a bag that offers you plenty of space to keep your essentials organized while you’re planning a fun day poolside.

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What are your poolside essentials? Did we miss one of your must-haves? Tell us in the comments below!

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