With the holidays nearly upon us, it’s time to make room! Join us as we present a week of exclusive programming. With our Pre Holiday Vanishing Vault Clearance event, we offer old favorites at incredible prices! Follow along below to get the full scoop.

Ramping Up for the Holidays

We’re always providing the latest and greatest in jewelry and accessories, and we love doing it! Knowing that, we have to make room for new inventory, new deals, new steals, and more. That’s where the Pre-Holiday Vanishing Vault Clearance comes in. Facing deep discounts there’s not a better time to save!

Tune In to Save

Exclusive to television, these deals won’t be found anywhere else! With savings that will boggle your mind, it’s probably better that way. Each day during this weeklong promotion, we’ll be digging deep into the vault, finding the best of old favorites. It’s the perfect time to start your holiday shopping, as these items make great gifts and stocking stuffers. With the prices that we’ll feature, you’ll find it easy to pick something up for yourself too.

Pre Holiday Vanishing Vault Clearance

Join us when as we present our Pre-Holiday Vanishing Vault Clearance. From October 16th, through the 22nd, we’ll be presenting new offers on old inventory so that we can bring you the best new jewelry and accessories for the holidays. Make no mistake, these kinds of offers aren’t built to last, and once they’re gone, they’re gone! If you missed a particular item in the past, you’ll want to catch this special show. With so many old favorites returning, it’ll be your second chance to lay claim to these exclusive designs!

Start watching now and save! It’s the first and last of its kind!