It seems that every iconic movie about high school features a prom. And with it, tons of fabulous prom dresses! For many of us, our kids and grandkids are reaching that age.

How do we help them embrace this iconic high school ritual in a way that’s fun and stress free? And more importantly, how do we navigate the most iconic and trendy looks for the season?


Prom dresses set the tone for the entire vibe – from accessories to shoes, it really helps her prom come to life. Cinderella didn’t go the ball without a gown; don’t let her out the door without the right ensemble.

With so many styles, colors, and even designers to choose from, how do you know what’s right for her? Thankfully, Shop LC got in touch with Queenly for some practical expert advice. Every day, Queenly is connecting women with prom and dance dresses for formal occasions.

And with prom right around the corner, it’s important to make it an unforgettable night.

Armed with the latest and greatest trends, follow our guide for choosing unique prom dresses. Are you ready to be her fairy godmother? Mice are optional!


Bold colors are going to be huge this year, and that extends to formalwear. Traditional prom dresses might favor a darker palette, or even neutrals, but that’s out the window for 2022. If anything, quarantine has taught us that anything work celebrating should be loud and merry!

Bright yellow, pink, and blue are popular colors this year. They cheerfully evoke happy vibes for such a fun occasion. Not only that, but these colors look great on all shapes and skin tones.

Just think back to the short neon green dress worn by Katy Perry to a taping of American Idol when she was pregnant. And compare it to the gorgeous floor-length neon green wrap dress worn by Lizzo on the red carpet. Same color, different styles, but both were killer looks!


Don’t worry mom, we don’t mean letting it all hang out! This year, peek-a-boo cutouts and plunging necklines are trending, tastefully uplifting past trends.

Now, with these styles, we expect a little more coverage in other spots to compensate. After all, it’s to feel like she’s dressed for prom!

Traditional formal prom dresses were floor-length and big. But these days, we’re seeing more and more short prom dresses.

The deep V-neck on a blazer dress is a great example. It’s a shorter style, but long sleeves keep a lot of skin covered. Plus, it’s a playful way to a touch of androgyny with a masculine-feeling blazer to a feminine dress.

If that sounds like too much, don’t worry! She can always rock a two-piece set instead. A cute crop top and skirt combo shows off the waist, but still combines a full skirt with top.

It recalls Bianca’s look in 10 Things I Hate About You, which went down as one of the most iconic prom outfits we’ve ever seen!


A major hit this year is velvet ruching. We expect it to gain major momentum by prom. We love it for adding an extra dimension and texture which will make her dress pop!

The fabric feels luxurious, but it’s also extremely comfy, perfect for dancing the night away.

Ruching looks great on all body types. By cinching at the middle, it draws focus from the hips and stomach, avoiding areas some might now want to highlight.


Did you know that jumpsuits and tuxedos for women are killing it right now? Not everyone woman wants to wear a dress to prom. But as Carrie Bradshaw taught a generation, anyone can look beautiful in a suit and tie.

Best of all, these styles are still formal while offering her inner fashionista a chance to be edgy and not just trendy. For those needing to break from tradition, you can still look great. It’s the ultimate chance for her to do something totally unique and different for prom.


Hopefully these prom dresses inspire you as you help your daughter or granddaughter make a smart choice for prom. Just remember, as long as you find the right dress for her, it’s going to be a night she’ll remember all her life.

Found the perfect dress? Add some trendy jewelry to complete the look!

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