October 1st is celebrated as Pumpkin Spice Day. It’s a day to sip, smell and savor all things pumpkin spice! But don’t let the name fool you. This spice mixture doesn’t contain pumpkin. It’s actually a combination of five spices. 

Who doesn’t love sipping pumpkin spice latte? Pumpkin spice makes us feel nostalgic. The smell of this blend brings back all happy memories. Memories from farm outings, visits to grandparents’ house, celebrations, and Thanksgiving meals.

Seeing the significance of this day in our lives it becomes important to celebrate it in a big way! One way to show our pumpkin spice love is with adorable orange gemstones.


Orange stones are known for its calming and therapeutic properties. It helps in adding balance to one’s life.

In general, orange jewels are associated with vitality and ambition. For these upcoming fall months, it can be a powerful reminder to stay strong, stay healthy, and to prioritize ourselves.

There is a wealth of under appreciated orange gems, such as the November birthstones citrine and topaz. While they occur in a range of color, the quintessential examples often fall into an orangey to golden brown color range.

Other orange stones include spessartine garnet, of which fine examples mimic the hue of the monarch butterfly. Even sapphire, the September birthstone, occurs in colors other than blue. Orange sapphire is bright and crisp like hard candy.

Opal, an October birthstone, is best known for its play-of-color; the rainbow effect we see just beneath the surface of the stone. However, there are other varieties, such as scintillating fire opal. Ranging from intense tangerine to fierce cinnamon red, they are a great fall option.

Rarer gems, like sphalerite, are even more intriguing. Their orange variety is marked by bright citrus hues, and remarkable dispersion. Dispersion is the effect with gives diamonds their fire, and sphalerite dispersion is about three times that of diamond.


Settings are also important, as metal color can enhance the visual properties of gems. For instance, yellow gold often doubles down the warmth of the orange bodycolor, creating a richer look. Meanwhile, silver settings like sterling silver and platinum often draw out secondary yellow tones which often creates a brighter pop of color.


Orange Sapphire and Zircon Earrings in Vermeil Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver

You must have heard a lot about blue sapphire. But did you know orange sapphire is equally gorgeous? Your tedious workday will turn out cheerful with these gorgeous earrings. The oval-shaped orange sapphire is beautifully encircled by white zircons. The zircons add a charming aura to this gorgeous piece. It is crafted in rose gold over sterling silver.


Santa Ana Madeira Citrine Sunburst Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

The design of this stunning ring is inspired by the sun. Orange-hued at the center, rays emit from all sides. This ring is going to make a style statement. The ring is crafted in platinum over sterling silver. This ring will blend well with your Pumpkin Spice Day outfit. It’s time to leave a long-lasting impression within your circle.


Jalisco Fire Opal Bolo Bracelet in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

This orange bracelet will gracefully adorn your wrist. It is crafted with a series of fire opals. Jalisco fire opal captures the glow of volcanic lava. It is lightweight and is an ideal choice for women of all ages. The stones are set in prongs enhancing their durability. It is crafted in platinum over sterling silver. Make a stylish addition to your collection this winter! It is comfortable to wear so you can flaunt it all day long.


Orange Sapphire and Diamond 3 Stone Line Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

You surely wouldn’t want to take off this ring once you have it. This glimmering, elegant three stone ring will mesmerize you with its beauty. This ring makes a great accessory to wear with anything or everything. It is crafted in platinum over sterling silver. You can gift this gorgeous ring to your love. The three stone symbolize love, fidelity, friendship, or past, present, future of a relationship. Show your love to your loved ones by buying this unforgettable ring!


Light Colorado Topaz Crystal Fancy Pendant in Sterling Silver

This unique crystal pendant will definitely give a lasting impression. Fashionistas, this neckpiece is designed just for you! It is forged in sterling silver and deserves to be in your collection. Make sure you don’t miss out on this one!


Orange Sapphire and White Zircon Tennis Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Craft a charming presence with this adorable tennis bracelet. The bracelet comes embedded with orange sapphire and white zircons. Pear cut orange sapphires are set in prongs. This jewelry piece is an example of elegance. And this should be an addition to your wardrobe!

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