Viewing Infinity

Indeed, there is something truly special about an opal. Precious opals are a kaleidoscope of colorful beauty. Their pinpricks of light seem to dance and flutter as you turn a stone over your fingers. Known as play-of-color, the effect can be especially pronounced in black opal. With these stones, it is like viewing a clear night sky somewhere distant and far away. Lighting Ridge Black Opal is among the rarest of these midnight jewels. For over a century, black opals from Australia have set the standard for these precious jet-colored stones.

Australian black opals primarily come from Lightning Ridge, a small mining town in New South Wales, Australia. Opals were first discovered in the late nineteenth century. In only a few decades, the beauty and rarity of the this grew. Today, these gemstones are the rarest and most valuable of black opals. Shop LC is able to provide a limited opportunity to own one of these natural treasures with a curated selection of black opal jewelry.


The Center of Your Universe

Black opal necklace.

Like a swirling nebula, this black opal pendant creates a sense of movement. A halo of precious diamonds is artfully set in 14K yellow gold. These swirling gem tendrils cradle a mysterious inky jewel. Taken together, it is one of the finest pieces ever offered at Shop LC.


Black Magic Cocktail Ring

Black opal ring in white gold.

Like its signature drink namesake, this stunning black opal cocktail ring is truly breathtaking. Recognizing the incredible beauty of this stone, two halos of diamonds frame this jewel. Further adornment runs down the shoulders of the shanks in a setting of 14K white gold.


Midnight in Gold

Black opal beauty.

Of the black opal rings available, perhaps none are as definitive as this golden ring. A calibrated 10 x 8 millimeter black opal stone gracefully rests in a setting of 14K yellow gold. A scintillating halo of diamond houses this mysterious gem, and further glittering accents encrust the shank of this ring.


Stargaze with more Australian black opal jewelry while supplies last.

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