Hello everyone! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Marropino Morganite and I’m loved for my pale pink to rosy tones. Rose beryl, pink emerald, pink beryl, and cesian beryl are all nicknames given to me. In this blog, I’ll take you on a journey where you can explore exciting facts about me and also learn some exciting styling tips.


Much like emerald and aquamarine, I am a well-liked member of the beryl family. Pure beryl is colorless and gains its color from the addition of external elements like iron, manganese, chromium or vanadium during the rock formation process. When beryl blends with manganese, it becomes an enchanting pink gem(that is me) known as morganite.

I reveal a fantastic radiance and subtle hue variations from a cool lavender-pink to a warm peach. In raw form, you can find a pale salmon color of me. Heat is applied to bring out perfect and cooler pink tones. My darker tones make me an excellent comparison to pink sapphire.

With the discovery of premium deposits from the Marropino mine, located in the Zambezia province in Northern Mozambique, my visibility and availability are increasing steadily. Mozambique produces one of the best versions with unmatched color depth and quality. At Shop LC, you can find my best at a fraction of cost.


When it comes to styling, I am a confident choice for everyone. My pastel sparkles compliment every jewelry style, any skin tone and almost every shade on the color wheel. I look my best in the finishing of rose gold while even if set in silver, I do not disappoint. Here are few styling tips, just for you.


A must-have companion of women, I am available in a range of ring styles. From classic solitaires to tantalizing clusters and meaningful three-stone rings, you will be delighted by my presence. A crossover ring matched with a fabulous metal watch and denim shorts, white tee is a perfect choice for a casual movie look.
Dinner with colleagues? Go for an openwork ring, with a white silk shirt and dark blue palazzos for the minimalistic yet chic flair. Experiment and have fun with my rings. Don’t be jealous if I capture all the attention!


I know I am gorgeous as you! But you know your ears are like a plain canvas just waiting for me to fill colors. I am really honored. From the glorious palette of designs, you can choose a perfect piece. Wash a bold background with large hoops for an evening party. Or, enjoy the clever details of delicate studs on unplanned events.
A fashion masterpiece drop earrings are perfect to add a surprising element to your favorite blacks or whites. Use your editorial eye and create a unique style studio with me for now and future.


For that queenly appearance! Shining on your delicate neckline, nothing can make me prouder. My soft pink hues are perfect to compliment any skin tone. Excited for your favorite singer’s concert, give your look a blushing touch with a double halo pendant and peach colored midi dress.
Weekend outings are just fun. Get ready to rock the casual look with me. A classic solitaire pendant with a matching ring is perfect to bring life to any outfit. An ideal color pop, sophisticated flare, and fashionable, what else is required!


It’s time to give your delicate wrist a touch of sparkle! Enjoy my subtle charm walking on your wrist for a glamorous appeal. A lunch with your BFF’s, no worries be the talk of the moment by accessorizing your look with a classic hobo bracelet. Want to bring the romantic vibes on the candlelight dinner with your beloved, style your look with a tennis bracelet and a red off-shoulder dress.

Whether it’s a special occasion or you are running errands, I make an excellent companion.

Closeup of marropino morganite ring against white background


It is believed that when it comes to the matters of the heart, I am one of the best choices. I can bring love into life and fill your expressions with love and compassion. So, here I am to shake hands with you and be with you forever.

What are you thinking? Learn more about me from our Education Center and choose your buddy from the wide range.