Shop LC customers, without a doubt, are likely to have a small mountain of our blue jewelry boxes. One of the biggest concerns we share is what to do with these jewelry containers when they are no longer needed. Thankfully, the Shop LC Community Forum has been discussing what to do with these blue containers, and the ideas are outstanding! Read on for some great ways to recycle and reuse old jewelry boxes.

Can You Recycle Blue Jewelry Boxes?

Forum member bluez started the conversation, asking for ideas to recycle or reuse the packaging. Part of Delivering Joy means looking for new and better ways to do things. And, over the years, this has been reflected in how we pack jewelry. The little blue box, our current storage box, is mostly recyclable. Shannon Becton, Vice President of Operations, explained removing the liner and ribbon for recycling. The cardboard portion is then recyclable.

Community Forum post by member bluez.

Reusing Jewelry Packaging

Several users explained how they give the old containers to others for use. Often, one of the best ways to reuse something is to pass it along to another person who will use an item as intended. Shop LC Community Forum members had some great ideas for this.

  • bluez has given some away through local markets
  • Angelflutter says that they bag them up and leave them at local boho shops.
  • Vicky shared how they passed them to a local teacher for use in projects.
  • Ginger explained how they share them with local pawn or jewelry shops.
  • Catticus suggested that local hospitals or nursing homes might be able to use them.

Blue jewelry boxes for Shop LC jewelry.

Upcycling Shop LC Boxes

While there were many great ideas for reusing the packaging, there were as many great ideas for using them in DIY projects! There are a ton of creative ways to upcycle a jewelry box. Here are just a few from the community.

  • Hayhaypaula suggests creating a shadow box.
  • Vicky explained dressing them up with inserts for a better gifting experience.
  • Gem Lover shared tips for decorating them for anyone expecting the tooth fairy.
  • Ginger gave good advice for using them to create drawer compartments.
  • RS dug into the forum and found a link with even more ideas!

There are so many more thoughtful ways to repurpose these little blue boxes. Whether it’s for storage or crafts, our forum members shared some of the best ideas. Our thanks go out to everyone for continuing to share their helpful thoughts and feedback.

Do you have your own idea? Visit the Shop LC Community Forum and join the conversation!


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