Rings are amazing accessories, as they are perfect for an everyday, minimalist look. In fact, jewelers advise consumers that investing in sturdier, precious metals is better for rings as they won’t turn green and stain your fingers. However, many still struggle with finding their ring size and often wear rings too big.

Without further ado, here’s a list of fool-proof GIA certified methods on finding your (or your partner’s) perfect ring size.


1) Hand Size Varies

Your dominant hand tends to be bigger than the other. Moreover, your hand (and fingers) expands whenever temperature increases. Therefore, always size your ring a little bigger for some wiggle room. Also, studies have shown that it is easier to size down a ring rather than sizing up.

2) The more stones on the band, the harder it is to resize

This is self-explanatory, but the more stones around the band, the harder it is to resize. This is because it’s hard to remove (or even add) stones while keeping the structural integrity of the ring.

ring featuring band with many stones

3) The wider the band, the tighter the fit

Once again, this is self-explanatory. So, if you are looking into a wide band, always consider sizing the ring half a size up.

Sizing Your Own Finger

The String/ Paper Technique

*If you are using paper, make sure to cut the paper strip up to 5mm (~0.2 inches) in width. Any thicker could cause you to accidentally size yourself too small

Cut the string or paper to 3 inches in length and snugly wrap it around the finger. It should fit nicely behind the knuckles without slipping. Afterward, use the GIA-certified ring size chart to determine your size.

The Ring Sizer Technique

If you already have a ring that you love to wear, definitely use it as a guide. We advise you to use a simple band ring if possible, as extra stones or designs can make it harder to size your ring. Bring it to a jeweler and they will have a sizing stick that can accurately check the size of your rings.

Go to a Jeweler

Just like how you would normally take your glasses to a glasses shop to wash as a service, a jeweler should help you figure out your ring size as a service. They will use a finger-sizing gauge and slip your fingers into various sizing gauges to determine your perfect ring size.

finger sizing gauge

Sizing Your Partner’s Finger

Just Ask Them

Chances are, they already know their ring size so you should just ask them for the most accurate ring size for them. If they don’t, you could always refer them back to this page!

However, if you are planning on surprising your partner, here are a few more suggestions.

Bar of Soap Technique

Buy a bar of soap and press their ring into the soap to create an impression. However, make sure to wash their ring immediately afterward so the soap doesn’t dry onto the ring and cause suspicion.

bars of soap

Trace a Random Ring

Place a ring that can lay flat and trace the ring on a sheet of paper. Afterward, bring it to a jeweler to size.

Use the Ring Sizer

If you don’t want to trace their ring, don’t worry! Bring their ring to a jeweler and have them size it with their ring sizing stick. Just be wary of not taking it away from them for too long!

Pen Trick

Assuming that their finger is smaller than yours, slip their ring onto your finger and mark with a pen where the ring comfortably sits. Afterward, go to a jeweler and they will figure out their ring size with the finger gauge.

Phone a friend

This is self-explanatory, but asking a friend can hopefully save you some time.

proposal with the help of friends

What are some of your techniques for finding out your ring size? Let us know down in the comments below!

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